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100 Celeb Hairstyles To Inspire A Year’s Worth of Looks


Including Beyoncé’s butt-grazing braided pony, Jenna Ortega’s “wolf cut,” and (so! many!) more.

When it comes to picking a new hairstyle, you could spend hours sifting through Pinterest boards and viral TikToks to find a trendy new look, or you could turn to your fave celebs for inspo. After all, celebs have some of the best hair and makeup artists at their disposal, so if you’re not bringing a photo of Beyoncé, Jenna Ortega, or Hailey Bieber to your hairstylist each visit, you’re seriously missing out.

Whether you’re in the market for a dramatic change, or you’re just looking for new ways to style your signature cut, these 100 celeb hairstyles can help you make a statement with your strands.

Florence Pugh’s mob wife bob. Rihanna’s wet hair. Doja Cat’s buzz cut. Miley Cyrus’ mullet. These are just a few of the most memorable celeb ‘dos in recent history, though trendy celebrity hairstyles can be traced back to the 1970s and beyond when household names like Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin took the world by storm with their iconic cuts that would be replicated for years to come.

From bouncy bobs to shaggy tresses, there are countless celeb ‘dos that are worth recreating. Ahead are the 100 best celebrity hairstyles *ever* to grace red carpets, runways, and your Instagram feed. You’re welcome.

High Pony

The high ponytail is Ariana Grande’s signature hairstyle and well worth adopting for yourself.

Butterfly Cut

Described as a modern take on the ‘70s shag, the butterfly cut features lots of feathering and layering for texture, dimension, and volume, and Hailee Steinfeld pulls it off so well.

Deep Side-Part Bob

Margot Robbie’s dramatic side part puts a modern twist on the classic bob hairstyle.

Mob Wife Bob

Now that the mob wife aesthetic is having a moment, it’s a good time to try Florence Pugh’s “mob wife bob,” which gets its name from Michelle Pfeiffer’s iconic haircut in the 1983 film Scarface.

Curtain Bangs

Any Rihanna-approved hairstyle is worth considering — especially these fringey curtain bangs.

Low Pony

Camila Cabello’s low pony is perfect for days when you don’t have time to commit to a full hair lewk, but still want to look good.

Side Bangs

Side bangs get a bad rap for being a cheugy 2000s hairstyle, but Dua Lipa is evidence that when done right, the side-swooped bangs are actually super cute.

Pixie Cut

Halle Berry’s signature short haircut goes a long way.

Micro Bangs

Lily James donned this it-girl approved hairstyle at the 2023 Met Gala, and looked so cool doing it.

Double Braids

What’s better than braids? Double braids.

Mirco Mini Bob

Julianne Hough’s micro mini bob falls about an inch below the ears for a simple yet dramatic look.

Messy Lob

Sydney Sweeney debuting a messy lob at Paris Fashion Week 2024 was très chic.

“Texas Hair”

The high-volume “Texas Hair” style has been adopted by superstars including Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, and Kacey Musgraves.

Beach Waves

This red carpet look from Chrissy Teigen proves you don’t have to be seaside to rock a beach wave.

Long Shag

Shaggy hairstyle aren’t just for short hair anymore — just ask Alexa Chung.

Round Bob

Taylor Swift’s round bob features more volume than a blunt cut without the texture of a shag.

Tight Curls

Janet Jackson is the unofficial queen of curls.

Sleek Lob

Kim Kardashian is ready for her close-up with this sleek lob.

Wolf Cut

The “wolf cut” is 50% shag, 50% mullet, and Jenna Ortega is 100% pulling it off.

Loose Curls

Take a page out of Mila Kunis’ book and style your hair with loose curls for your next event.

Spiky Pixie

Despite not having much hair to work with, there’s a lot you can do with a pixie cut, and Winona Ryder’s spiky styling is just one example.

Waterfall Bangs

J Lo’s face-framing waterfall bangs transform the singer’s long locks into a ‘70s-inspired ‘do.

90s Shag

Jennifer Aniston’s beloved ‘90s chop, known as “The Rachel,” might be one of the most famous celebrity hairstyles of all time.

Braided Bob

A braided bob takes a timeless hairstyle and gives it a youthful spin. Bonus points if you add some colorful beads like Yara Shahidi.

Pageboy Haircut

Popularized in the ‘70s, the pageboy haircut has a distinct round shape and settles just above the shoulders. The style can also be raised to a chic pixie length, as seen on Taylor Hill.

Messy Updo

This Kim K updo is basically the elevated version of the messy bun.

Extra Long Bangs

If your bangs aren’t constantly in your face, like Kylie Jenner’s Paris Fashion Week fringe was at the Acne Studios show in 2023, they’re not long enough.

Blunt Bob

Selena Gomez’s blunt bob is simple yet stunning.

Buzz Cut

If your mane is too much to maintain, you can always give yourself a Doja Cat-inspired buzz cut.

Face-Framing Bangs

Sabrina Carpenter’s face-framing bangs are anything but “Nonsense.”

Bouncy Long Layers

Priyanka Chopra looks like the main character of a rom-com with these ‘90’s-inspired bouncy long layers.

Butterfly Bob

Zendaya’s shortened take on the Butterfly cut is great for those who prefer a style that falls above the shoulder.

Shadow Bangs

With longer pieces on the sides, shadow bangs are an easy way to give your cut dimension and depth.

Layered Bob

You don’t need to have Tessa Thompson’s curls to pull off the layered bob look.

Jumbo Twists

If you want to make a statement with your hairstyle, Halle Bailey’s jumbo twists are the way to go.

Grown-Out Buzz

Florence Pugh’s grown-out buzz is just as sleek as the traditional, closely-cropped version of the style.

Birkin Bangs

Named after it-girl Jane Birkin, Birkin bangs are straight, blunt, and fall just above the eyebrows. They’re just as cool today as they were in the ‘60s.

French Bob

This Halsey-approved haircut brings some serious French vibes with its purposefully-messy texture and flared volume on the sides.

Unique ‘90s Cut

Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins and her fellow TLC bandmates were on the cutting edge of fashion in the ‘90s, but her singular, symmetrical hairstyle was inimitable.

Bombshell Blowout

The combination of long locks, butterfly layerings, and bouncy bangs makes Sabrina Carpenter’s bombshell blowout seriously envy-worthy.

Wavy Curtain Bangs

Folks with textured hair can jump on the curtain bang trend a la Jessica Alba with a wavy look that’s voluminous and full.

Wet Hair

Rihanna’s wet hair look is the perfect style any time you want to make a (sort of literal?) splash.

Bubble Bob

Lori Harvey’s bubble bob hits right at her jawline, and features a uniquely rounded shape you don’t always see with this kind of cut.

Thick Locs

Thick locs are beloved by celebs like Zendaya, Kelela, and more.

Half-Up, Half-Down

Beyoncé paired gold jewelry with feathered accessories and a half-up, half-down ‘do for a seriously glam look.

Midi Bangs

If micro bangs seem too risky, midi bangs might be the way to go. With a little more length and way more edge, this hairstyle has a lot to offer.

Flipped Ends

This America Ferrera bob was almost definitely borrowed from a 1920s-era flapper girl.

Feathered Bangs

Feathered bangs were popularized in the 1970s, but Bebe Rexha makes this vintage hairstyle feel fresh.

Extra Long Locks

With a flashy golden dress and show-stopping glam, it’s only fitting that Riley Keough keeps things simple with her long, silky tresses.

Blunt Bangs

Blunt bungs look great with any hairstyle, no matter if you have long locks, a short cut, straight hair, or voluminous waves and curls.

Baby Part

You can create a baby part by parting your hair halfway (or less than halfway) down your head, as seen on Vanessa Hudgens in this Y2K-inspired red carpet look.

Finger Waves

Finger waves might be reminiscent of the 1920s, but Tati Gabrielle is evidence that the style still looks modern and fresh a century later.

Blowout Bob

You don’t need to have waist-length tresses to turn your head of hair into a massively voluminous mane — just look at Kourtney Kardashian’s sky-high lob.

Y2K Braids

Hailey Bieber turned these early-aughts-coded baby braids into a coquette dream.


Miley Cyrus’ mullet is perfect for those who can’t choose between a short fringe and a long shag.

Modern Marilyn Monroe

Florence Pugh’s Marilyn-inspired ‘do features the old Hollywood starlet’s vintage curls with an edgy flair to make the style feel more modern.

Shaggy Bangs

Lady Gaga’s edgy fringe will give your next main character moment major rockstar energy.

Brigitte Bardot Hair

Suki Waterhouse’s fluffy, messy hairstyle has been trendy since Brigitte Bardot popularized the look in the 1970s.

Wolf Cut With Bangs

As if the texture of a wolf cut weren’t enough, Lizzo paired her ‘do with a bouncy set of bangs for even more dimension and movement.

Bombshell Bob

Zendaya never misses with her hairstyles, and this deeply side-parted bob is yet another win.

Short Shag

Taylor Swift was rocking this short shag in 2015, two years before her Reputation era, but it’s just as edgy as the 2017 album.

“McDonald’s” Bangs

TikTok is obsessed with Matilda Djerf’s “McDonald’s” bangs — which, when done right, result in two pieces that resemble the food chain’s iconic golden arches — and given the amount of volume and movement they add, it’s no wonder way.

Short Hair With Long Bangs

Who doesn’t love a little juxtaposition?

Wispy Bangs

Trade the drama of blunt-cut bangs for these effortless wisps.

“Octopus” Haircut

As creative director and stylist at Maxine Salon Amy Abramite previously told Bustle, the “octupus” haircut has more weight carved out between the long and short layers than a shag or a mullet. Peep Billie Eilish’s take on the trend to see why it’s worth trying out.

Midi Flick

The flicking at the bottom of Jodie Comer’s layered haircut makes the actress’ blonde tresses appear naturally textured.

Sleek Bun

Sleek buns are perfect for when you want to look put together, but still want a low-effort hairstyle.


A “mixie” haircut is a combination of a mullet and a pixie, and is longer in the back (like a mullet), and shorter in the front (like a pixie).

‘90s Mid-Length

Though some TikTokers consider mid-length locks to be “hair purgatory,” this Kim K look makes a seriously strong argument for the hairstyle.

Voluminous Bottleneck Bangs

Lily Collins is giving major mod vibes with her bottleneck bangs, which are slim in the middle and grow wider around the cheeks.


Dua Lipa’s topknot is edgy high-fashion at it’s finest.

One Length

If you can’t decide on a hairstyle, you can always rock the one-length look like Beyoncé.

French Bob With Bangs

Selena Gomez’s French girl bob and bangs are a match made in heaven.

Betty Boop Bob

Megan Thee Stallion’s sleek jawline-skimming bob and rounded blunt bangs look like they came straight out of a Betty Boob cartoon.

Old Hollywood Hair

Margot Robbie’s long blonde lengths and large loose curls are the epitome of glamour.

Inverted Bob

Victoria Beckham was known for her inverted bob in the mid-2000s, which tapers short around the neck and extends towards the jaw on the sides.

Quirky Pigtails

Dove Cameron knows you’re never too old for pigtails.

‘90s Bombshell Updo

Cardi B’s messy pin-up at the 2022 Met Gala would’ve made Pamela Anderson proud.

French Twist

Emma Stone’s French twist is all about elegance, glamour, and sophistication.

Bantu Knots

Amandla Stenberg’s bantu knots are the perfect red carpet accessory.

Slicked Back Bob

Gigi Hadid meant business with this sleek bob.

French Girl Bangs

Taylor Swift is known for her blunt French girl bangs that fall just above her eyebrows.

Jellyfish Haircut

Nicole Kidman sported this jellyfish cut (part bowl cut, part mullet) on the cover of Perfect Magazine in 2022.

Tousled Fringe

Demi Lovato traded in her straight-across bangs for a tousled fringe in 2022, and embraced her inner rockstar in the process.

Boy Bob

Kaia Gerber’s layered boy bob oozes cool, relaxed confidence.

Curly Bangs

Take it from Sandra Oh — bangs and curls make for a (Mc)Dreamy combination.


Rowan Blanchard’s “bixie” haircut has the edginess of a pixie and the texture of a bob.

Patch Snatch Ponytail

Kendall Jenner’s patch snatch ponytail perfectly emphasizes her cheekbones and expertly contours her face.

Botticelli Bob

Bella Hadid’s Botticelli bob looks straight out of a Renaissance painting.

Peek-A-Boo Hair

Miley Cyrus makes the case for an uneven dye job with this peek-a-boo hairstyle that’s bright blonde on top and inky blackunderneath

High Volume

Kaia Gerber looks fresh from a fairytale with these luscious curls. Adding to the woodland princess vibes? Two crystal clips at the crown.

Flared Bottleneck Bangs

Ella Purnell’s bottleneck bangs offer a flared, flirty take on a style that typically shows up in a more uniform fashion.

Barbie Pony

Hailey Bieber’s precise pony is the epitome of Barbiecore.

Box Braids

Amandla Stenberg went extra large and platinum with her box braids.

Overgrown Roots

Next time you’re worried about showing your roots, remember Dua Lipa has rocked a two-toned hairstyle on multiple red carpets.

Long-Top Buzz Cut

Scarlett Johansson’s long-top buzz cut is short on the sides and voluminous on top.

Pulled Back With Tendrils

Hailey Bieber kept things casual with this laid back look on music’s biggest night, aka the 2022 Grammys.

Braided Pony

When you have as much hair as Beyoncé did in this 2016 red carpet look, you might as well put it in a braid.

Asymmetrical Bob

Alicia Keys modernized her bob with an asymmetric cut in 2012.

Pixie Shag

Julia Garner always finds new ways to style her signature short hair.