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These 25 Haircuts are the Most Flattering for Square Shaped Faces 


Finding the right haircut largely depends on understanding your face shape. 

When deciding on your next haircut, face shape is an important factor to consider. Square face shapes can be particularly challenging to style. “A square face is characterized by a broad forehead, prominent cheekbones, and a strong, angular jawline,” says Rogerio Cavalcante, a professional hairstylist, colorist and the owner of Second Floor Salon in New York City. “The face width and length are usually similar, giving it a boxy appearance.”

He suggests looking for a haircut that softens the strong, angular jawline. Styles like layered cuts, soft waves, and cuts that add volume and movement around the face create a more balanced look.

For example, Amy Abramite, creative director and stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, suggests lobs or longer bobs and butterfly cuts for those with more angular features. 

Ahead, we rounded up 25 other expert-recommended haircuts for square faces and tips for how to best style them. 

Featured Experts

  • Rogerio Cavalcante is a professional hairstylist, colorist and the owner of Second Floor Salon in New York  
  • Amy Abramite is a creative director and stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago


Haircuts for square faces as seen on celebs


Rosario Dawson’s Micro Bowl Cut 

Square face shapes typically come with a sharp, angular jawline, and because of that, some may be tempted to avoid bold cuts like the one Rosario Dawson is pictured wearing. Consider that hair myth busted. This micro bowl cut shows off the high points of her face without overemphasizing them. 

Angelina Jolie’s Relaxed Mid Length Layers

If a bold style like Dawson’s isn’t your taste, try this easy, breezy layered look from Angelina Jolie. She’s rocked everything from a bold buzz cut to a tousled bob, but our beauty team is partial to this versatile ‘do. The light layers soften the face, and the length is easy to style. 

Jennifer Aniston’s Shoulder Length Lob 

Jennifer Aniston has been the queen of hair inspo since the nineties, and by the looks of it, she isn’t giving up her title any time soon. Our experts love this look for square faces, but it’s universally flattering. “A bob that has a length longer than the chin is best for a square face to conceal the strong angles and alter proportions,” says Abramite. Aniston’s longer lob hits just beneath the jawline, which softens the angle of the jawline instead of emphasizing it. For curved ends, use The WetBrush Easy Blowout Brush ($17) on damp hair. 

Zoë Kravitz’s Slicked Back Bun 

If you are blessed with a prominent bone structure, show it off. Whether she is on a red carpet or heading to brunch, Zoë Kravitz consistently rocks a slicked back bun. This takes any and all distractions away from your best features. To keep unwanted flyaways tucked away, use a hair gel like the Tresemme Extra Hold Alcohol-Free Hair Gel ($8).  

Margot Robbie’s Wavy, Layered Look   

Cavalcante loves this wavy style on Margot Robbie. “The flattering hairstyle for the square face is middle parted to repeat the geometrical symmetry present in her face shape, cut in long layers, and styled in soft waves to soften the jaw.” Finish styling your look with the Davines Shimmering Mist ($38) to ward off any frizz. 

Gwenyth Paltrow’s Signature Long Layers 

Not all square face–friendly hairstyles have to sacrifice your length. Calling all long haired, square-faced ladies: this is the style for you to try. Gwneyth Paltrow has kept her length for most of her time in the spotlight. Her longer length softens the shape of the face and offers many different styling options. 

Zendaya’s Deep Side Part

If you are looking to make your features look rounder, opt for a side part like Zendaya. Her flipped-in bob paired with a dramatic side part helps elongate features. Use a tool like the Machete No. 3 Comb ($35) to separate your hair into even sections. 

Demi Moore’s Extra Long Strands

Speaking of elongating your features, the easiest way to do this is to prioritize your length. Demi Moore’s waist-defying strands prevent a strong jawline and prominent cheekbones from looking boxy. 

Renee Zellweger’s Casual Curtain Bangs 

Cavalcante loves adding a bang to square face shapes, however, they need to be done correctly. He prefers wispy, piecey bangs to a blunt cut. Renee Zellweger’s longer bangs break up her haircut. 

Sandra Bullock’s Middle Parted Mermaid Cut 

Sandra Bullock makes a strong case for length with her windswept waves. To recreate the look on your hair, use a medium-sized iron on one inch sections of your hair to build body and create uniform curls throughout. Spritz the Marc Anthony Style Flex Texture Hair Spray ($11) to hold. 

Salma Hayek’s Curtain Layers 

If Bullock’s curls are not your style, opt for something sleeker like this lightly layered look on Salma Hayek. According to Cavalcante, blunt cuts can overly emphasize your face shape. Instead, opt for easy layers that create movement and dimension. 

Kiera Knightley’s Tousled Lob 

Lobs are great for square faces because the ends fall below the jawline, but this one is extra ideal thanks to the lightly choppy layers throughout. To mimic Kiera Knightley’s effortless movement, spray the amika Un.Done Volume and Matte Texture Spray ($29) to emphasize your natural texture. 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Glamorous Waves 

When in doubt, a polished look is always a safe choice. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s glamorous ‘do uses loose waves to elongate her face. To add some bounce to your ends, use a large round brush and a blow dryer. 

Taraji P. Henson’s Polished Bob 

Bobs are often seen as limiting when it comes to styling. Taraji P. Henson is here to prove that theory wrong. Add loose waves throughout, or opt for something more polished like a deep side part and amped-up shine. 

Olivia Wilde’s Side Swept Style

If you Google “celebrities with square shaped faces,” Olivia Wilde is one of the most popular results. Thankfully, from chic lobs to side swept ‘dos, she offers plenty of salon-worthy inspiration photos. The best part? This deep side part style is achievable for medium-length hair.

Lily Aldridge’s Blunt Lob 

If Aniston’s lob felt a little too short for your taste, try Lily Aldridge’s take on the style instead. Our experts caution against blunt lengths. However, Aldridge’s style smooths out the top and keeps the dimension along the ends, drawing the eyes to the high points of her face. 

Gabrielle Union’s Flipped Out Bob

Slicked-back buns may be dominating our Instagram feeds, but there are other ways to show off your face. By styling her bob in this way, Gabrielle Union is able to keep the focus on her face and lovely features. 

Ciara’s Slicked Down Cropped Cut 

Think of Ciara’s styled bob as an edgier version of Union’s ‘do. She leaves a few pieces hanging in the front, and her blonde highlights are prominently on display. However, the effect is the same. The hair away from her face highlights her strong jaw and angled cheekbones. 

Mandy Moore’s Mid-Length Voluminous Layers 

Mandy Moore’s shoulder-grazing cut puts the focus on her length rather than her sharp facial angles. The T3 Bodywaver 1.75 in. Professional Styling Iron ($175) has a larger barrel than most curling irons and can deliver larger curls like Moore’s. 

Jessica Chastain’s Dramatic Length and Side Part 

“Any length that is longer than the jawline is going to balance bone structure on a boxy shape,” says Abramite. Jessica Chastain takes that message to heart with her extremely long lengths. In order to keep your strands healthy enough to achieve this length, make sure to incorporate a restorative mask like the Olaplex No. 8 Bond Intense Moisture Hair Mask ($30) into your hair routine. 

Priyanka Chopra’s Face Framing Layers 

“The butterfly cut can soften a square shape by concealing sharper edges of the hairline and jaw, making the face appear more oval or round,” offers Abramite. Priyanka Chopra’s face-framing layers create volume and soften features. 

Vanessa Hudgens’s Casual Shag 

Low-maintenance takes on the shag or wolf cut are trending, and Vanessa Hudgens is showing us why. This layered, mid-length style is versatile and works for many different hair types and textures. 

Nicole Richie’s Pink Pixie 

A textured pixie is a bold style to try, but Nicole Riche makes a strong case for it if you have a square shaped face. If you want to try to don a bold color like Richie, make sure to use a color-safe shampoo like the Pureology Hydrate Shampoo for Dry, Color Treated Hair ($37) to keep your color lasting longer.  

Indya Moore’s Curly Shag 

Calling all curly girls. Indya Moore’s springy shag is the perfect cut for sharp features. Our favorite part? The curly bangs. “Curtain bangs are very flattering on a square face by cutting off the angular corners of the hairline,” says Abramite. 

Jennifer Hudson’s Side Part Pixie 

For a more polished take on the pixie, mimic Jennifer Hudson’s low-maintenance look. Also nice: It requires little styling in the morning to keep your ‘do looking trim.