MSN May 29, 2024



Wispy Bangs Are the Easy, Low-Maintenance Way to Try Fringe


If you’ve ever wondered, “should I get bangs?” but you’re afraid the style might be too much work, I have good news. Wispy bangs don’t just look cool; they’re super low-maintenance, easy to style, and very much lazy-girl approved.

“See through or ‘wispy’ bangs are a softer, more playful bang cut to loosely accentuate the eye and temple areas,” Rogerio Cavalcante, owner and hairstylist at NYC’s the Second Floor Salon, tells Glamour. “Whether they are ‘micro’ wispy, or longer in length, there is less hair cut than a full fringe, so you can still see the forehead peeking through.” Essentially, they have movement and and more of an “airy” texture to them.

Cavalcante also notes that wispy bangs are a great choice for anyone unsure if they want full fringe, as they allows clients to test the look and try different styling techniques.

It's especially popular among K-pop stars like Blackpink’s Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé, Squid Game actor Jung Ho-Yeon, and model Lee Sung-Kyung, which makes sense: The wispy bangs trend started in South Korea.

As for why the look is trending now, as New York City hairstylist Dan Williams points out, K-pop stars clearly set the trend in motion. But he also notes that they’re the perfect beginner bang.

“Wispy bangs are fabulous and much more dainty than your traditional bang, and are therefore a great gateway into the world of bangs without the harsh commitment to a lot of bang density,” he explains, adding that while they don't provide as much forehead coverage, they’re also much easier to style due to their light nature. “So be sure to set them with spray on those windy days!”

Wispy bangs are also comfortable to wear, no matter the season. “Wispy bangs are great for any time of year, as they’re not as dense as a full bang, so they won’t drive you crazy in the heat,” Williams continues. Case in point: Camila Cabello recently wore a wet-look version of wispy bangs in the Miami heat.

Jenna Spino, hairstylist at Chicago’s Maxine Salon, also sees wispy bangs as an ideal bang option for warm weather. “Wispy bangs are great for summer because they are a more carefree bang and not so heavy on your forehead,” she says. “They also air dry well, which is ideal for summer.” And for anyone feeling lazy.

There are so many ways to wear them, too. “Wispy bangs are easier to style, especially for frizz- prone hair types,” Cavalcante explains. “They can be slicked back with product or a cute accessory or headband or you can smooth them and position them with a styling gel and finishing oil.”

Wispy bangs’ length can vastly vary too, as they look equally chic super short à la Hepburn bangs, straight across, parted into curtain bangs, and even grown out, meaning the upkeep is genuinely minimal. They’re also super versatile and can be worn with most face shapes. “Wispy bangs usually work well with square, heart, and oval face shapes,” says Spino. “The texture softens jawlines and can even elongate longer faces.”

That said, it all comes down to how you style them, according to Cavalcante. “Any face shape can wear wispy bangs since they are far less of a commitment or statement than a full fringe or curtain bangs,” he explains. “They are ideal for someone with a longer forehead or rounder face shape to create more dimension.”

Feeling inspired? If you want wispy bangs, be sure to ask your stylist “for shorter, pieces to be layered or cut to hit by the eye or temple length,” says Cavalcante. “They can be shorter in the middle if you want to try a bit more of a bang look, but it should be a small section of hair so there is movement and body.”

As always however, Williams recommends bringing example photos. “I am always a huge advocate for reference images, but if you were to describe it for your stylist, I would suggest a curtain bang styling with a very small triangular section at the middle of the forehead and razored just below the brows to start,” he says.

As for styling? That depends on how much time you’re willing to spend on them. For a lazy girl-friendly style, opt for air drying. “You can air dry for a messier look, which works really well with wispy bangs, just use your fingers to separate them,” says Spino.

For a slightly more complicated styling technique, use a round brush and blow dryer for maximum volume, she says. “Apply a volumizer and round brush up to give volume to show off the texture. Velcro rollers like Trademark Beauty Velcro Rollers can also be used in place of round brush.”

Prefer a flat iron? Perfect: That's what Williams suggests. “Style with a flat iron tilting the iron towards the face slightly to give a proper bang bounce and setting with curler to cool. Once it’s set, finish with your favorite setting spray.”

In terms of products, Cavalcante recommends stocking up on light holding leave in conditioner and texturizing spray. “This works best to not weigh the hair down,” he says.

Still feeling torn about whether or not to get bangs? Consider Cavalcante's parting words. “It’s a fun way to change up your look, so go for it,” he concludes. “It’s hair, it grows back!”