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Looking for a New Hair Style in 2021? Here's How to Cut Your Own Bangs for All Those Zoom Calls 

Did you ever have a moment mid-Zoom call when you noticed that no matter how many ring lights or blur filters you used, you still needed a bit more oomph? That’s where Zoom bangs come into the picture. Many women are finding that Zoom does nothing for their fine lines and forehead wrinkles and hoped to find a cheap and easy way to look better fast…and let’s face it, snipping some on-trend bangs is a lot cheaper than Botox.

Whether you still can’t visit a professional stylist for a haircut or you don’t feel like waiting weeks for an appointment, here are some tips from hair pros on cutting your own bangs at home. And if you want some tips on how to cut your husband and kids’ hair, we got it covered).

How to Cut Curtain Bangs

  • Only cut your hair when it’s dry: “The best thing to do with bangs is cut them dry in their natural falling state,” said Harry Josh, celebrity hairstylist. “Never cut bangs wet if you have no experience as they will shrink. Always best to cut upwards and chip into the line, as opposed to going straight across the hair, as it allows for more room for error.”
  • Map it out: Stylist and creative director at Maxine Salon in Chicago Amy Abramite said you should start by creating something she calls the “bang triangle.” Here’s how. “Using the comb, identify the top of your scalp where the head begins to roll downward; this is where the top of the triangle begins. Next, create the sides of the triangle by sectioning out the hair to your outer eyebrows. Clip the remaining lengths of hair out of the way so you are not tempted to cut it. This will take the guesswork out of where your true fringe lives. Keep in mind this area is unique because head shapes and hair density vary from person to person. By only cutting this area, it will prevent you from cutting too deep into your sides which is a common mistake. Also, if you already have bangs, a stylist cut for you, do your best to identify the design line and isolate them before you begin trimming.”
  • Use the best tools possible: You will need sharp hair cutting scissors, a comb, and some clips. Abramite recommends buying a “basic professional pair of scissors that are designated for cutting hair only. Kitchen scissors or paper cutting scissors will be too dull and too big to cut your bangs for proper detailing work.”
  • Too long is better than too short: “Definitely better to cut too long to start,” Josh said. “That way you can stop if you don’t love the way it looks, or continue to trim until you get your desired look. How deep you go on the sides depends on the type of bangs you want, for instance, curtain bangs will blend more into your hair, while more blunt bangs will drape across your face.
  • What about Black, Asian or curly Hair? Rodger Azadganian, owner of the 8 The Salon said, “it depends a lot on the density of one’s hair and texture as it relates to how fine or coarse each individual strand is.” So you might want to extra a little extra care with textured hair.
  • How to hide wrinkles: “Face shape is incredibly important when determining what types of bangs you want,” Josh said, “but if you’re looking to hide forehead wrinkles, a face-framing bang that covers the temples and accents the top of the cheekbones will create coverage.”
  • Try curved bangs for the most flattering look: “Bangs that are shorter in the center and naturally curve downward toward the eyes are the most flattering on all face shapes and hair textures,” Abramite said and offered some specific tips for cutting your own gorgeous bangs. “To create an even curvature on both sides, pinch all your bangs between your middle and index finger in the center at the nose and notch, or “chip”, into the bang with the tips of the scissor for a soft diffused line. Work back and forth taking off little by little. It is always a good idea to cut the bangs longer than desired so you don’t miss your mark. Remember, you can always cut more off, but it can take weeks for a length you are uncomfortable with to grow back. For curly textures or cowlicks along the hairline be sure to allow enough length for the hair to spring up. If not, the bangs may turn out too short. The best length for hiding wrinkles is to aim for the center of the bang to be at the bridge of the nose and curve out below the eyebrows for maximum forehead coverage.”
  • Cut your own curtain bangs: For a curtain bang, Abramite said that “you will need to follow the same principles mentioned above but over exaggerate the curve so there is a bigger difference in lengths between the center and the sides of the bang. A good place to choose for the center of a curtain bang is anywhere from the bridge of the nose to the lips. Decide how dramatic of a look you desire and curve down from that point of origin.”
  • Fake the look of Zoom bangs: There are a bunch of ways to fake bangs or to give the illusion of a cut without the commitment. Josh said that “to try out a blunt, cross the forehead bang, it’s easy to clip in a hairpiece that matches your hair color, brush, and style with the rest of your hair to make it appear natural. For the appearance of a side or curtain bang, try loosely pinning the front of your hair back with a barrette, so there is a swooshed look in front of your face, or pulling some hair out of your headband while keeping the long ends tucked in. Hair accessories are a must for any bang fake as they can hide the transition between the old and new hair.”

And some cute accessories to help you with instant Zoom bangs:

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