Elite Daily August 11, 2021

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Go ahead, hit snooze again.

As someone who almost always hits snooze at least twice before waking up to get ready, I seldom have time to do anything special with my hair. I’ll easily take a messy bun over waking up an extra 30 minutes early; it’s just who I am. Fortunately, you can put in minimal effort on your hair and still make it look totally put together. In fact, there are plenty of hairstyles you can pull off in just five minutes.

It’s easy to let things like hair and makeup go by the wayside in the morning, especially when you’re tired and stressed. Sometimes, there’s just no time or interest in all seven of your skin care steps or in breaking out the big, bulky heat tools. Trying to do anything before morning coffee could be like pulling teeth for you. But, with these five-minute hairstyles, all you need are some hair ties, bobby pins, and a little product to look as fashionable as if you woke up five hours early. Trust, even something like sliiiiightly dirty hair doesn’t mean you’ll be forced into a “funky hat.”

Don’t believe me? Believe the pros. I tapped Jenna Spino, a stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, and Cory Aaron Scott, an L.A.-based hair expert, for all the super quick hair hacks and trendsto try before class. Once you get the hang of ‘em, each of these hairstyles will take no more than five minutes to do — no fuss, no muss, and no running late.

Monday: The Quick Braided Bun

A braided bun looks like you spent at least 20 minutes on it, but I assure you, it can be done in a quick pinch in two ways. For a low braided bun, Scott suggests you start with two braided pigtails. You can wrap them around each other and use bobby pins to secure them to the back of your head. If you prefer a high bun, gather your hair into a smooth, high ponytail. Then, braid the length of the ponytail, and gently tug at the braid’s curves to give it volume and a little texture. Finally, wrap it around itself and pin as you go.

Tuesday: Beach Waves From The Braids

You don’t have to jump straight out of the ocean to get perfect beach waves. Instead, you can do a little before-bed prep work. If you’re really strategic, don’t even take your low, braided bun out from the day before. According to Spino, all you have to do is tie your hair into loose braids and sleep in them. In the morning take ‘em out, zhuzh your hair up with some texture spray, and then, let it fall into easy, loose waves.

Wednesday: The Half-Up Top Knot

The half-up top knot is a favorite of both mine and Spino’s, who notes that it takes your hair out of your face, adds a little volume, and gives you that “perfectly imperfect” vibe. Because it’s supposed to be a laid-back, slightly messy look, don’t worry about making it perfect. You can even pull out a few hairs after your bun’s in, just to loosen up the look.

Thursday: A Little Hairspray Refresh

When you don’t have time to shower, Scott has one old-school trick to bring your hair back to life and tuck away the grease: hairspray. “Spray on to hair, holding the can about 8 inches away from your head,” he says. “Immediately brush through, root to tip. Brush up and away from the face for added volume. This should help stave off wash day for one more day.” Tell me why I was today years old when I learned this information.

Friday: The Slicked-Back, High Ponytail

Hit your classmates with the Storm Reid, with the Ariana Grande. A slicked-back, high pony is a refined, no-nonsense look that can be done super quickly. “Simply pull your hair up to the desired height; you can use a brush for a smoother look or just your fingers for a messier look,” says Spino. To make it even better, she adds that “dirty hair is great for sleek ponytails because your natural oils help with the slicked-back look.” Braid the length of your ponytail for extra flair (or, you know, to reel in any frizz).