Glamour July 13, 2021



Coconut Candy Hair Is Like a Built-In Ring Light

This is so pretty.

Searching for a fresh way to add some highlights to your hair without bleaching your whole head? Look no further than coconut candy hair, the latest lightening trend that’s super flattering and–bonus–looks great in pictures.

It’s all about making sure the brightest, blondest pieces of your hair are toward the front of your head while letting the rest blend more naturally. That way you have a variety of tones and won’t need constant root upkeep, but there are still strategically placed pieces of platinum to pick up the light.

Karissa Schaudt, colorist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, tells us, “The concentrated or chunky face-framing highlights are what make this super trendy right now.” According to Schaudt, the look “suits any hair texture but is best on brunettes looking for that pop of blonde.”

The length and number of processes necessary to achieve your desired hue will depend on how light you want to go and how dark and/or processed your hair currently is. But it should be far easier than a full-head blonde-ification. Schaudt advises, “Ask your colorist to foil your hairline for that blonde intensity around your face,” and says you should tell them to “pair the foils with a partial balayage, leaving the nape natural so there’s contrast remaining.”

Bonus, this look is pretty much a built-in ring light:

If you’re nervous about coconut candy hair because of the chunky highlights, hey, we don’t blame you. Sun-in may fade, but the memories last forever. But like it or not, the style is back in. Chunky highlights are happening this summer, framing faces of every shape and size, and honestly, we think it’s because of TikTok. Once the kids decided we all had to part our hair in the middle, it was only a matter of time before they brought back this particular trend. We predict everyone will be crimping by fall.