MSN July 23, 2021



Little change, big makeover: this hairstyle is the most stylish in the summer


The little details matter tremendously in the overall picture!

The summer season usually brings with it a kind of renewal! At such times, we experiment more boldly with more cut-out or quite different styles of clothes, and our hairstyle is not left out of the transformation either. This year, surprising trends also came into the picture (as well, which has never spun summer as much as in recent weeks), but of course the proven, sunny blond shades They have been seen.

And if you want a color change that is almost barely noticeable, but completely reshapes your radiance, choose the shade that feels like the fancy name "molten pecans."

It’s a perfect transition between more natural hair colors and sun-kissed shades, plus you don’t have to go to a dye every three weeks, and the end result is distinctly stylish. American hairdresser Karissa Schaudt says the secret to this is that it is a two-dimensional hair color, and that term is very important. She suggests choosing a darker color close to your scalp, but only one that differs by up to 2 shades from your original color, and then ask for babylight strands in your hair. This is already a lighter shade, makes your hairstyle brighter and multidimensional , and then a little ombres lightening can come from the middle of your hair.

Hailey Bieber is a big fan of this hair trend and she really stands out for her!