Cosmopolitan July 18, 2021



Balayage fans alike because Pearly Golden is your next obsession


Everyone starts talking about it, better not to be taken by surprise right?

But did you know that you can have a new look thanks to a rich and shiny hair? Yes, just ask for a Pearly Balayage and you'll be good to go with the royal vibes from here to eternity ! Refinery29 recommends it to us as the super trend of the moment and we really think that after the cream blonde hair and the honey blonde hair that have already enchanted us, this is absolutely the must-have that will make us feel super chic during the summer.

As the name suggests, the blonde balayage that has stolen our hearts in this hot and sweet summer has very elegant pearly shades that complement the golden and luminous tint . This is possible thanks to the use of different colors on multiple layers of hair. The overlap in the golden color balance and cooler hues produces a delicate pearly effect tone on tone that will make you absolutely effortless chic!

This type of balayage adapts flawlessly to any type of blonde, be it an ash blonde or a lighter one, thanks to the mineral and natural effect it creates . And then, let's face it, it is especially suitable for those looking for a super glam look and hairstyle that does not require too much attention and retouching. Because? Easy, because a balayage that feels so natural and leaves your roots the same color as your base will simply look like the effect of the sun after a summer spent outdoors!

So there are two things to do: take a good look at the photos above depicting the best Pearly Golden balayages and book your hairdresser's appointment as soon as possible to create this wonderful color with very fresh energies. Even more so if your summer dream comes to shine without too much effort ... The sweeping addicted to glam is just that, you are ready to do so admire the whole spiaggi to ? And we guarantee that after the summer you will want to keep it for the duration of autumn, winter and spring, until next summer!