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5 Fresh Hair Accessories to Try This Spring


Hair boredom: It’s a thing most of us have endured. And sometimes, it can lead to bad, bad things like bad, bad haircuts. Before you respond to the ennui with scissors, try non-committal hair accessories instead. Barrettes, bobby pins, scarves, bows and claw clips can suit any mood you’re in, from elegant to playful to edgy, and be as elaborate or as low-maintenance as you want.


Adrianne Johnston, a stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago loves the versatility of barrettes: “They can be worn in long hair, a pixie and every length in between. Or add one to sweep over the bangs you are growing out.” To style, she recommends “having a clean part, free of flyaways” to “look more polished.”

If you want to showcase the accessory — for instance, literally making a statement with a word barrette — keep hair straight and sleek. For daytime, go “simple and sophisticated” with “less texture and only one or two barrettes.” But “evening and statement looks can be bold and more is more in every sense.” An example of a “more” look: “Line half your head in every pearl-covered barrette you can find.”


Who doesn’t love something super stylish (seen on Dior, Gucci and Chanel runways) as well as functional, especially for unwashed hair? “Scarves are a great way to make your second- to third-day hair look put together,” says Emily Cable of Nine Zero One Salon in West Hollywood. “When your hair gets oily, put a scarf over it and call it a day.”

Oh, and did we mention simple to boot? Cable styles her scarves a few different ways: “I love to wear my scarf over my head and tied in the back. I fold one edge of the scarf to make a straight line and put it at my forehead, then tie all edges behind my head and tuck in any unwanted pieces.” She does this look with hair worn down. “I also fold the scarf into a long thin line and wrap it around my ponytail or bun with the ends hanging down on the sides.”

It’s also a quick way to “add a pop of color or statement piece” to an outfit that needs a finishing touch.

Bobby Pins

“Bobby pins used to be for the inside of updo styles and were meant to be concealed, but now they’re being purposely shown,” says Johnston of this versatile accessory. “They create striking hairstyles ranging from ethereal and romantic to edgy and punk. They can be used alone or in abundance, for casual and formal looks and even bridal.”

Plus, she adds that bobbies can be worn in any hair texture or length. Arguably one of their best functions? They’re “helpful when you’re growing your hair out or are past due for a cut” (as many of us right now).


If you’ve hesitated to jump on this trend because it feels too young, then it’s time to dive in; after all, bows, like all hair accessories, are “temporary and harmless,” says Johnston. This playful accessory can be worn with a half-up style, around a ponytail, or try something more avant-garde with a half-up side style, by pulling all the hair from above the ear on one side, over and across the head, securing with a bow behind the opposite ear.

Remember to strike balance between hair accessories and any other accessories you wear. For instance, wearing a big bow with big earrings could be very chaotic. Jewelry “is best done minimally so it doesn’t compete with the hair,” says Johnston. “Lightweight studs or hoops and soft, layered necklaces are great — avoid large statement pieces.”

Claw Clips

You didn’t think these stayed in the ‘90s, did you? (And many of us never ditched them and kept them as a styling aid, particularly handy for at-home blowouts.) In this era of fuss-free beauty, the claw clip suits easy updos perfectly. Pulling the hair into a low ponytail, then twisting upward and securing with a claw couldn’t be simpler. Use it to secure thick, full hair in a half-up style. Or try it at the top of a braid. They’re also a flattering way to pull hair back and allow bangs to frame the face.

When picking a claw clip, or any accessory for that matter, keep your hair color in mind for how dramatic you want your look. “If you want the accessory to blend in, blondes should use pearls and brunettes tortoiseshell,” advises Johnston. “If you want it to pop, go bright and bold by contrasting multi-colored accessories, which will show more.” Johnston’s final words of wisdom: “When you have fun with accessories and own it, you really can’t go wrong.”