Yahoo July 8, 2021


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Iced Espresso Hair Is the Coolest New Way to Go Brunette

This color is everything. 

An iced espresso sounds so refreshing at the moment, am I right? And iced espresso hair is also the name of the most refreshing look of the summer: a cool brown shade that's flattering on so many skin tones.

While many are opting to lighten for a sun-kissed glow, a darker shade is easier to maintain and will make you stand out in a crowd of cookie-cutter blondes. Plus, it's got more of a high-end vibe—every Insta model and her mother flirts with honey hair, but a dark, silky mane is mysterious and sexy. Think Ana de Armas in the new James Bond. 

“Brunette color appears more vibrant when a little darker than your usual ‘comfort zone,’ especially with a summer tan,” says Rex Jimieson, colorist at Maxine Salon in Chicago. He advises clients to “stay within one to two levels of your natural hair so the grow-out doesn’t appear too light, giving it the illusion of sparseness.”

Jimieson says iced espresso hair looks best on “people with medium to dark natural hair” but will be flattering on “any skin tone or eye color,” though you “may need a new lip color or eye shadow to pull it all together.” Ugh, we have to experiment with our makeup? Well, if you insist! We can spend an entire afternoon doing that!

If you're already booking your salon appointment, you'll be happy to know it's a simple single-process color. Jimieson says to ask for “a level three or four ash or cool tone.” Even if it looks black in photos, it's not. “In real life you will lose the underglow if you choose level one or an actual black dye,” he says. “Also, levels three and four are dramatically easier to lighten [than black] when you decide to start shifting away from this trend. For both of these colors, make sure to tell the salon when booking that you’re doing a change, it will allow time for a consult and for custom formulation/application to get the best results.” 

Iced espresso hair, don't care!