Elle August 2, 2021



Sunset Hair, the ideal coloring for brunettes


Want to enhance your color this summer without going through a radical change? Sunset Hair is the ideal color for brunettes.

For the start of the school year, it's official, we have already found the color to which we were going to succumb . But we still have a few weeks left to enjoy our vacation and the sun. And for all those who love to change their hair color when summer comes, Sunset Hair is the color for you. More suited to brunettes, Sunset Hair is a mix between an auburn brown and a dark red. A perfect balance then. The clear highlights provided by coloring directly light up your face while adding warmth to your base color. Without weighing down the complexion, the Sunset Hair sticks perfectly with the summer and the reflections of the sun. Many stars have already fallen for this color. Among them, Gigi Hadid or Emily Ratajkowski. 


Sunset Hair is an ideal coloring for brunettes. As hairstylist Rex Jimieson explains to the magazine of the American version "Glamor": "For those who start with lighter hair, they have to go up a level and a half or so to get that natural warm tone. He explains that Sunset Hair not only looks great, it requires less maintenance than other hair colors. The professional specifies that touch-ups should be planned every 6 weeks. The regrowth will not be disabling since the change is slight. We therefore fall for this ideal shade which will capture the summer light wonderfully.