Grazia July 15, 2021


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Hair Trend “Iced Espresso Hair”: What Is This New Ultra Trendy Color For This Summer?


We love frozen espressos in summer, it's so refreshing! Well do you imagine that a new hair trend also bears this name? The frozen espresso hair, or iced espresso hair in English, is characterized by a cool brown undertone that flatters all brunettes.

While in the summer everyone goes for a highlight or a balayage , take the opposite view and adopt a darker shade . Your hair will be much easier to maintain and you will be more original. Darker hair will give you the look of a femme fatale and mysterious like Eva Green or Megan Fox .

Iced espresso hair is the summer hair trend!

The proof is, many celebrities who had opted for blond, reclaim a dark brown . This is the case of Dua Lipa and Selena Gomez . Rex Jimieson , a hairstylist from Chicago, tells Glamor that it's ideal "to stay one or two levels away from your natural hair" so that the regrowth isn't seen. And since good news never comes on its own, iced espresso hair is suitable for any skin tone or eye color . The only problem you will have if you are not naturally brunette is having to play with the contrast with lipstick or eye shadow. But honestly, is this really a problem?