Glamour September 17, 2021



Khloé Kardashian Just Debuted Frosted Sugar Blonde Hair

It looks stunning.

Khloé Kardashian is bringing back her blonde locks with a bright new look. Her hair is now a frosted sugar blonde color—it frames her beautifully and brings light to her face. 

Kardashian posted the new hairdo on Instagram September 16, captioning the post “Blonde KoKo is back” and posing in clothes from her sister Kim's line Skims. Her chosen ’fit for the hair debut was a light gray tank, great sweatpants, and white sneakers—an über-casual look that lets her new hair be the star. 

Her sisters may have taken a walk on the blonde side before, but Kardashian's taking the trend to a whole new level with a brighter, frosted look. 

Karissa Shaudt, a colorist at Maxine Salon, described sugar blonde (sans frost) as a perfect transition shade from summer to fall. She also gave instructions for you to take to your stylist to get the look.

“Keep the face-framing fresh and bright while adding fine lowlights throughout the nape,” says Shaudt. “These lowlights will add dimension back into the hair from hair that’s been overexposed from summer sun. This shade works great on natural blondes. Be sure to use a blue shampoo to keep this bright blonde maintained.”

We remember Khloé Kardashian's early 2010s brunette hair, but she's been playing with different blonde styles for a while now. In recent years she's tried out a short blonde bob. She's also rocked a white-blonde wavy style that looked straight out of Game of Thrones. 

If you're considering joining Kardashian on the blonde-hair train, there's plenty of fun options for this fall, including Cinderella blonde. This dye job is less shocking and more user-friendly than the other icy blondes we've been seeing. For something softer than Kardashian's white-hot look, consider this platinum-blonde trend that adds a subtle yet uplifting color to your hair.