Glamour April 2, 2021



Smoky brunette is the hottest hair color for brunettes. This spring is an absolute hit!


Trendy hair color for spring 2021? Smoky brunette! How does it look and how is it different from the bronde shade? We no longer keep you in suspense. Cara Delevigne is a fan.

Are you a brunette and would you like to refresh your hairstyle for spring? You couldn't have got better. Introducing smoky brunette - one of the hottest hair colors this season. How does it look and how does it differ from the no less popular bronde shade that Kaia Gerber decided in summer 2020 ? We dispel all doubts.

In free translation, smoky brunette  means "smoky brown". As you can guess, it's nothing else but brown hair with lighter highlights. However, because, as usual, the devil is in the details, the key here is the shade of the reflections. And these cannot be honey, golden or in any other warm tone (as in the case of bronde) but must be ashen, i.e. more or less light gray. The point is to keep them in cool tones.

"I like this shade, because it keeps my hair in good condition (it does not require full coloring - ed), but it guarantees a visible change, so expected by customers" - Karissa Schaudt, a colourist from Chicago, told the American edition of Glamor.

And she added that this two-dimensional shade looks best on layered hair, because then the hairstyle gains depth. As the hairdresser points out, the number of lighter reflections is optional - it is worth working together with your hairdresser, and the hairstyle - although intended primarily for brunettes, it will also work well for owners of dark blonde hair. The best proof? Recently, Cara Delevingne decided to use it, and she shared her new hairstyle on her Instagram. 

If you decide to go for a smoky brunette hairstyle to keep it intact, take care of the proper care. What does it mean? Wash your head with a shampoo for colored hair - preferably in blue tones, so that the strands maintain their cool tone, which is the essence of a smoky brown.