Popsugar.com March 9, 2021



5 Spring Hair Color Trends That Will Have You Dialing Your Salon ASAP


If you missed the "new year, new me" phase of 2021, we're happy to report that you're just in time for the beauty equivalent of spring cleaning: changing up your look. And what better way to do it than with a new hair color?

Sure, you can try a new eyeliner technique or lipstick shade, but a more lasting way to shed the old and celebrate the new is with a fresh hairstyle. Whether you're after a subtle tweak that requires very little maintenance or a bold transformation, there are plenty of spring hair-color trends to choose from this year.

Ahead, five colorists shared their biggest hair-color trend predictions for spring 2021. You may want to book your salon appointment now.

Spring 2021 Hair-Color Trend: Delicate Rose Blond

Blonds going brighter for spring is nothing new, but blonds going rosy is a refreshing change. This hair-color trend adds dimension to your hair while still keeping it light. "It is still soft and delicate like a bright blond," celebrity colorist Guy Tang said. "If you have an even canvas to start, I recommend always toning the hair to achieve this. You can create your own color melt or balayage technique without the need of bleach." The shade should be slightly darker at the roots and melt into a sheer wash of color at the ends of the hair.

Spring 2021 Hair-Color Trend: Cinnamon Brown

For brunettes who don't want to be locked in to repeat salon visits every few weeks, the cinnamon brown shade is a great low-maintenance option. It adds some warmth to naturally dark hair. "We are seeing clients coming in with six to seven months worth of regrowth and the clients want to work with their natural hair," hair colorist and R+Co brand ambassador Richy Kandasamy said. "For a lot of clients, this has been a positive reset and they want to embrace their natural hair color or stay as close to their natural color as possible."

Spring 2021 Hair-Color Trend: Code Red

We're going to see a lot of redheads this spring thanks to Netflix's The Queen's Gambit. "The red color is absolutely gorgeous, whether it is fierce, or even a toned-down shade closer to strawberry," celebrity hair colorist Aura Friedman said. "It really makes the pink undertones in skin pop." Just be careful: if you're seeking something low-maintenance this isn't it. Friedman explained you'll want to see your colorist regularly to maintain the shade's brightness. If it's good enough for Beth Harmon, it's good enough for us.

Spring 2021 Hair-Color Trend: Vacation Highlights

Do you remember the days of lightening your hair with Sun-In? "Vacation" highlights are the adult version of that. "Subtle, light-reflecting highlights one to two levels lighter than your base are the perfect way to add new life to your existing signature shade," said Nicole Tabloff, a colorist at Maxine Salon in Chicago. This hair color trend is great for anyone looking to make a small change.

"Ask your colorist for an express balayage, where they will strategically paint only a few balayage pieces to frame your face and a sprinkle in your part, depending on your haircut," Tabloff said. To keep the balayage looking fresh, plan on seeing your colorist every three to six months.

Spring 2021 Hair-Color Trend: Root Melt

The "root melt" hair-color trend is the perfect way to make your grown-out roots look intentional. "This look erases the line of demarcation for a deep-rooted look," Karissa Schaudt, colorist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, told POPSUGAR. "The result has a softer root and grow-out than traditional highlights. It's great for someone wanting dimension with minimal maintenance." How long you can go between touchups really depends on how dark your natural roots are, but Schaudt doesn't recommend taking the color more than one to two levels to keep it subtle.