Popsugar.com August 6, 2021



Green Hair Is Going to Be One of Fall's Biggest Trends, and Everyone Can Get In on It


Brace yourself: green hair is about to be one of fall's biggest trends in hair color. But before you go clicking that back button while muttering to yourself "that's not for me," give it a chance — Paris Jackson recently did, and she looks pretty damn good.

This isn't the same box dye shade of green you used in your parent's bathroom at the ripe age of 13 when you insisted on the change and they told you you'd regret it. Rather, this fresh tint just makes you look really, really cool. That said, there are so many different ways you can take this hair color. Depending on your skin tone and your hair's natural base color, you can go lime green (like Billie Eilish), mint green (like Cardi B and Cynthia Erivo have worn), seafoam green (like Kylie Jenner and Megan Thee Stallion), and even dark olive green (like Jackson). "Green is a mix of blue and yellow, so it looks good on warm and cool skin tones," colorist Rex Jimieson previously told POPSUGAR.

Celebrity hairstylist Jeremy Tardo calls his favorite green hair color "dark olive" and said it's perfect for anyone with darker features. "When we typically think of green hair, sophistication may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, this earth-toned iteration reads chic AF."

Now that we've established green is the perfect color for anyone looking to give their hair an edgy upgrade to match their equally on-trend sense of style, keep scrolling for green hair color inspiration.