Marie Claire August 16, 2021

Marie Claire


'Honey chestnut' promises to be the hair color for the upcoming season


Feeling cozy? 

We are now halfway through August and that means that in four months we will already be counting down to 2021. Quick, right? So it is not such a bad idea to think about the approaching autumn . Do you also like to face the new season with a new coupe ? Then honey chestnut is a color to consider.

honey chestnut

Every year we romanticize autumn a bit. We think of mild temperatures, a nice sun and beautifully discolored leaves on the trees. The reality, on the other hand, is less idyllic. Think: lots of rain, strong wind and no sun. Then give our locks some autumnal cosiness.

Honey chestnut is reportedly becoming a big trend. With this balayage, brown hair is provided with warm blonde(er) highlights. "This gives a dimension, without her having to be too light-colored," says colorist Rex Jamieson on PopSugar. However, according to the specialist, it is better to apply this technique to not yet colored hair. In that case, he says, you wouldn't need bleach. Is your hair dyed? Then your colorist will probably have to work with bleach, but you can still get beautiful honey chestnut hair.