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60 Fall Hair Colors That Are Oh-So-Popular This Season

Look out for a shade called "turmeric latte."

If you're itching to dye your hair this autumn, almost as much as you're craving pumpkin pie and a (spiked) apple cider, you're not alone.

As people get more and more comfortable venturing out post-vaccination, stylists say that salons are busier than ever and getting plenty of requests for color refreshes. And not just a few highlights here and there. Stylists say most of their clients are looking for a big change.

What fall hair colors are leading the pack as we inch closer to sweater weather? We asked experts to narrow in on the trendiest shades to help you choose the right look for you. So whether you're eyeing brunette or blonder shades, or something fun to beautifully complement dark skin tones, you're sure to find the perfect inspo pick to bring to your own colorist's chair.

This fall will see shades like chestnut, bright copper, honey brown, warm blonde, "bronde," vibrant color washes, plus a resurgence of lowlights and blended gray, and a color called... turmeric latte.

Before you buy that box of drugstore hair dye, or hit the salon, get inspired by this vast gallery of some of the prettiest fall hair colors you'll see this season.


"Fall is known for being a time where we tend to see clients gravitating towards warmer tones as the leaves start to change and we lose our summer glow," says Nina Rubel, master colorist at Rob Peetoom Williamsburg. Bella Thorne's cinnamon shade is a great option in the light to medium spectrum. There are many variations, so make sure to work with your colorist to find a bespoke shade that complements your skin tone, complexion, and lifestyle.

Ink Black

Dua Lipa is onto something: "This fall, we're going to be seeing a lot of our brunettes transitioning to a deeper blue-black hue," says Rubel. "Going a few shades darker adds that drama and reinvention that we crave with the changing of the seasons." The great thing about this color change, says Rubel, is that it is very low-commitment, yet makes quite a statement. Ask your colorist for an ink black gloss to give the hair that slightly reflective quality.

True Bronde

A mixture of brunette and blonde, this hue is a perennial autumn favorite. "I love it because it's versatile and customizable and suits nearly everyone," says Rubel. J Lo's current shade of choice is a perfect option for our blondes wanting to trade in their summer hair for a deeper, richer shade, as well as our brunettes wanting to add lightness and dimension while remaining low maintenance, Rubel adds.

Long Roots

"Low maintenance colour has been in high demand for quite some time, prior to Covid and even more so now," says Rubel. "Blondes are wanting a softer grow-out and a color service that gives them more longevity between salon visits." This season, added depth to the roots will aid in a softer grow out and give the illusion of a vintage feel. This way, even with chin-length roots, the effect is still uberflattering.

Glossy Black

Kylie Jenner's high-shine black will be everywhere this season. It's an arresting look that can be achieve with at-home glossing products or a glaze at the finish of an in-salon color service.

Golden Goddess Blonde

If you have medium to light brown hair, but want to go lighter, try Beyoncé's golden shade. It's an excellent option for the fall months, since it grows out gracefully, says Mahshid Baghaei, colorist at mizu Louis Licari.

Bold Red

Red hot is one of this year's biggest color trends—and there are plenty of vibrant shades—copper, carrot, and cinnamon, for example—says Leigh Hardges, a stylist and colorist at Maxine Salon in Chicago.


Colorists are using more and more "integrity colors"—colors that have more space in between highlights to promote stronger, glossier hair, says Kate Reid, design director of COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY.

Soft Chocolate Brown

Soft chocolate brown is a shade that looks great on nearly any skin tone during any season, says Baghaei.

Warm Hazelnut

If you have dark skin, treat your hair to a golden or copper-based tone, like the super trendy warm hazelnut, says celebrity colorist, Michael Boychuck of COLOR-A Salon in Las Vegas.

Turmeric Latte

Warm golds and apricots are perfect for cooler months, plus they help make skin look healthier and more youthful, says Reid.

Hazelnut Highlights

Want your strands to look like they're still embracing the kiss of summer? Try hazelnut highlights instead, says Hardges. The look, which provides tons of depth, complements both warm and cool skin tones.

Heavy Roots

It may be intimidating, but Stephanie Brown, a master colorist at IGK Salon Soho, says it's the "ultimate cool-girl" style—especially when rocked with a pixie like Kristen Stewart's.


Think of this technique as a marriage between balayage and foiling, says Fae Norris, a stylist at Rock Paper Salon in Los Angeles. The result is a soft and sophisticated look with just a bit more contrast than traditional balayage.

Fiery Red

"With the state of the world, people need a little color in their life," says professional colorist Kristine Choate. As a result, one of the season's biggest trends is fiery red a la Jessica Chastain—it's much easier to pull off than some of the bolder gemstone shades.

Honey Hues

Though you may see more platinum shades during the summer months, blondes are warming up for fall, says celebrity hairstylist Vincent de Marco. Look for bright honey tones that sparkle inside blonde strands—Laverne Cox rocks the perfect example.


Plenty of celebrities are rocking bright gemstone colors, like Keke Palmer's magenta, as well as shades like turquoise, and even yellow, says de Marco. As far as styles go, this fall, you'll likely notice tons of thicker braids in these gemstone colors, he says.


Not sure you can pull off an intense red? For those looking for a more natural look, warm chocolatey base colors melted into bright copper or beige tones work really nicely and is just as trendy, says Choate.

Cool Gray

"Gray hair was one of the hottest trends for 2020," says de Marco. "During quarantine many celebs let their hair go gray—but even natural gray can be improved." This fall, you'll see tons of middle gray tones—think the color of steel, as modeled on Dascha Polanco—from root to tip, especially on long hair.

Raven Black

Heavily blended colors are replaced by simpler ones, like Kim Kardashian West's raven black, says Nikki Goddard, a stylist and senior editor at The Right Hairstyles. Why? It's a sleek look that's easy to maintain.

Root Melt

Dark roots, sometimes referred to as "root melt," will be popular in the fall, particularly for those transitioning from blonde, says Gina Rivera, stylist and creator of COLOURS BY GINA!. As Rachel McAdams proves time and again, it's a look that can work with just about any shade.

Low-Maintenance, Natural Looking Color

Though best known for her chunky highlights, Dua Lipa's darker look shown here is easier to maintain—something we'll be seeing a lot more of. "Due to the pandemic, clients have learned to accept and appreciate their natural color," says Kristina Tabb, a celebrity colorist at Tabb & Sparks Salon. And that trend isn't stopping as we approach fall 2021. "This is easily achieved by matching the base to their natural color to ensure a longer grow out with no lines of demarcation, or going for a more subtle highlight that can last an extra couple of weeks in between services."

Visible Roots

A rooted look, like Beyoncé's, adds a little depth around the face, says celebrity Clariss Rubenstein. It's also a lower-maintenance look that can be achieved by going to a colorist to add a root in, or by doing an ombre technique, she explains.

Chunky Highlights

Instead of fine, natural lines, plenty of people will adapt to looks like Jennifer Lopez's—vivid highlights that really pop, says Guy Tang, colorist and #mydentity brand founder.

Platinum Blonde

According to Tang, more and more celebs—like Solange—are making the leap from brunette to cool blonde tones like platinum.

Toned-Down Blonde

"When fall rolls around, clients tend to tone down the bright and highlighted to transition into warm, richer tones for fall," says Tabb. Because the current climate doesn't allow for frequent salon visits, Tabb says she's had more and more blonde clients requesting color like Blake Lively's shown here. This type of shade helps blend and tone down to create an even grow-in, she explains.

Velvet Red

"Velvet reds are also super fun for fall," says Rubenstein. It's a fun, vibrant look that, like many other fall trends, is reminiscent of the 90s. For inspiration, look to celebrities like Rhianna.

Rainbow Hair

Expect to see a variety of prismatic shades, from Dascha Polanco's blue to pinks, purples, and even greens, says Tang.

Fiery Red

"A big trend is the fiery red melted into vibrant yellows and intense oranges," says colorist Kristine Choate. It's a bold look that provides a welcome change.


Don't expect a great balayage, like Ciara's, to go anywhere any time soon, says stylist Jadi Cave. It's another low-effort color that suits just about any style.

Mushroom Blonde

For those looking for a more natural look, try softer, glowing beige or buttery tones instead of bright blonde, says Choate. Gigi Hadid's mushroom blonde is a great example of this.

Chocolate Tones

Brunettes can look to Jessica Alba as a great example of a more natural tone with plenty of visual interest. Her warm chocolatey tone melts into bright copper and beige, perfect for fall, says Choate.

Sun-Kissed Lived-In Color

You can expect to see lots of very blended, sun-kissed, lived-in color, says celebrity colorist Aura Friedman. This is a direct result of the pandemic, she explains. People were looking for lower maintenance hair color that still has plenty of dimension and that isn't changing.

The Money Piece

This trend features lighter front strands that highlight the face, says Goddard. "The Money Piece technique can be applied to all foundations—blonde, brown, and even black—the main rule is to find a perfect combination of colors," says Goddard.

Happy Roots

This two-toned hair, as seen on Jamie Chung, is popular, because it makes root growth between salon appointments look more intentional, says Jamie Mazzei, owner of NuBest Salon in Manhasset, New York.

Vibrant Blue

"We will see a lot of solid colors, but in untraditional colors," says Mazzei. Look for blues like Demi Lovato's, plus reds, pinks, and icy silver.

Natural Gray

Gray hair was one of the hottest trends for 2020, says de Marco. During quarantine, many had no choice but to let their hair go gray, but it's a look that we'll continue to see people embrace. "This fall, look for middle gray tones from root to tip on long hair," he says.

Cooler Tones

Allison Gandolfo, colorist and beauty consultant at The Salon at Bergdorf Goodman in New York, says cool tones like light ash blonde, cooler strawberry blondes, and rich, dark espresso brown, as seen on Javicia Leslie, will be popular in the fall.

Glossy Black

"Heavily blended colors are being replaced by simple ones: pure browns, blondes, reds, and blacks," says Goddard. With these shades, the focus is on gloss and shine, she explains. "The hair should look healthy and well cared for."

Smoky Ice

Silver can match any complexion from Zosia Mamet's fairer skin to olive tones and darker skin tones, says Goddard. Look towards ashy tones paired with darker roots for a style that's easier to maintain, she explains.

Bright Colorwashes

Colorwashes in rich, vivid shades are quick and easy for someone on the go, says Mazzei. Plus, they do wonders to enhance natural hair textures, she explains.


We'll see a lot of deep reds—like Emma Stone's signature look—that mimic the colors of autumn, says Rivera. Think sophisticated deep brunettes mixed with auburn overtones that provide plenty of depth.

Golden Caramel

Kate Middleton has noticeably added some caramel tones to her signature color and celebrity hairstylist Irinel de León is all about it. "Some women love going darker during fall but sometimes I recommend added some lighter tones to keep a sun kissed look throughout the fall and winter months." She cautions, though, that anyone with very dark hair may want to steer clear of this look. "Achieving this hair color would mean lightening a few levels, which makes regrowth pretty obvious if it's not maintained."

Highlighted Bronde

Want to go lighter but not sure what will work with your skin tone? Celebrity hairstylist Kathleen Riley says this hue will work for everyone. "This hair color looks great on all cool and warm skin tones. I love it on longer hair because it looks naturally sun-kissed, like you’ve been at the beach all day." To combat brassiness and protect the integrity of your hair, Kathleen recommends using a purple shampoo (she particularly loves the one by Kristin Ess). "It'll neutralize the tone and is sulfate-free."

Multi-Dimensional Red

Auburns and reds are trending for fall and Crystal Betke, senior stylist at Los Angeles-based salon Hairroin, loves them for their versatility. "Warm tones look good on everyone. They bring out the richness in your skin-tone and make you look younger. Who doesn't want to look younger?" She particularly loves the red hue sported by Zendaya at the 2019 Emmys. "Her hair was to die for, and a perfect representation of the fall season."

Butter-Toned Highlights

"I'm excited that this fall we're seeing more butter tones," says stylist Kathleen Caldwell of Nashville's Element Salon. Think you can't sport lighter locks like Reese? Warm blonde hues are easier to pull off than the ashier tones of years past, explains Caldwell. "It's flattering on almost everyone but really complements green and blue eyes."

Deep Chocolate Brown

Want to changes things up without veering too far from your natural brunette hue? "This rich tone is great for the fall/winter season," says stylist and color expert Carleigh Valeriano of Nashville's Element Salon. "It's a timeless color that never goes out of style."

Rooted Buttery Blonde

“This shade of blonde looks especially pretty on warm skin tones," says celebrity hairstylist Ruslan Nureev. Anyone can pull it off, though Nureev cautions "it's especially important to properly hydrate your hair if you're bleaching it." He suggests doing masks and hydrating treatments once a week to help maintain moisture.

Golden Bronde

"If you have warmer skin tone with more depth, consider trying Jennifer Lopez's golden blonde," says Shanda Wallace, owner and hairstylist at Los Angeles-based salon The Harbor Salon.

Sunny California Blond

"The refreshing summer trend that'll stick around through fall is a warm, sunny blonde shade," says hairstylist and color expert Marisa Perrault of The Hive Los Angeles. "No more icy, cool, ashy blondes. Women are wanting youthful, sun-kissed highlights—think classic, 'California girl' hair."

Warm Autumn Highlights

Already have dark brown hair? Wallace recommends adding dimension with warmer-toned highlights. "Natural and warm tones are great for your fall vibes. Let your stylist know you want to bring out your inner chai tea latte with notes of apricot and chestnut."

Muted Neon

Looking to shake things up? "Another fall trend is muted neons on the ends of the hair or a specific placement of color for a fun pop. It's essentially a modern dip dye," explains Perrault. "For anyone who wants to have fun, this is a low-commitment way to really play with color."

(Not Quite) Jet Black

Glossy, jet black hair is always gorgeous. This fall, the hue will (surprise!) move away from blue-black tones and into subtly warmer territory, as seen in this image of Jenna Dewan. Notice how the ends of her hair are just-so-slightly dusted in a warmer shade? It's a blink-and-you-might-miss-it treatment.

Bright Copper

Ever wanted to go red? Now's the time, says Perrault."The brightness feels bold but the lightness makes it very wearable," she says. "Love this on almost everyone from, fair to olive to dark skin tones—it looks amazing."

Shimmering Cold Brew

Another way to warm up brunette hair is with a shot of "cold brew" color. To get this look, reddish-bronze strokes are carefully blended into the hair's darker brown base—sort of mimicking the way an iced coffee looks as you stir in a splash of creamer.

Sun Tea Red

"It’s important to reach for the right level of lightness when you’re aiming for a warmth in your color palette," says Wallace. "For example, if you have a lot of warmth in your skin, you want your golden hues to pop in from a lighter honey blonde, not from a deep copper base. Those with a fair skin tone, go ahead and consider that copper base—think Emma Stone and her sun tea hues."

Blended Gray

"Gone are the days of obliterating grays. Instead, more clients are opting for gray blending instead of gray coverage," says Olivia Vandermillen, hairstylist and makeup artist at The Powder Room Los Angeles. "This soft coverage of grays creates dimension and shine and offers a softer grow out."

Shadow Roots

Shadow hair is similar to the ombré of the past in that it's perfect for someone who doesn't want to be in the salon every few weeks. The mane (har har) difference? Ombré is a gradual blending of one hue to another whereas with shadow hair most of the darkness stays at the roots area.

Rich Brown

In recent years, it's been all about cool, ashy tones, but that's changing for blondes and brunettes, says Wallace. "We're seeing an overall richness for our brunettes. This color trend is great for complimenting almost all skin tones. Warmth in the hair is forgiving and can even offer a youthful glow!

Golden Blonde

Goodbye to the stark, bleached-out blondes of 2018—there's a new way to go light all over. "Currently, we are seeing more and more clients ditching platinum strands for warmer, more golden tones," says Vandermillen.