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30 of the Best Blonde Hair Color Ideas for Every Skin Tone 


All blondes are not created equal. (Just ask a blonde.) Ahead, the prettiest golden, honey, or platinum shades for your complexion and your preference, plus everything you need to know about pulling of your ideal tone. 

By most sound estimates, only about two percent of the world's population is naturally blonde. And while statistics are inconclusive as to how many of us are blonde by other means — "unnatural" blonde is so harsh, no? — we're willing to bet good money that blonde is the most-requested shade in the hair salon, and the most-purchased out-of-the-box shade at the drugstore.

Don't believe us? Think of your favorite celebrity. Chances are, they've been blonde at some point in their career. Not to mention yourself: If you've clicked on this article, you've probably been or considered going blonde, too. And you're in good company. After all, the global appeal of blonde makes sense. For starters, the hue has about one billion permutations, from the coolest, iciest silvery shade, to the richest and earthiest mushroomy hue. And there are also shades of gold, honey, butter, sunshine, and Scandinavian snow. 

Don't even get us started on highlights. Some blondes flirt dangerously close to dynamic brunette; others are a mere whisper from auburn. And it's that versatility that makes blonde hair so universally flattering. Take our word for it: There is a blonde for you. Whether you choose to wear a blonde wig, or decide to sit in a salon chair and let the bleach do its thing, you have a ton of options in a wide range of hues and tones. Ahead is a selection of some of our favorite blondes, along with some expert advice from top colorists on how to choose the perfect shade.

Warm Caramel Blonde

After a lifetime as a brunette, Bella Hadid is coming for her sister Gigi's blonde throne. This warm-toned gold complements her natural dark shade, and Hadid has left her roots intact to keep the overall look squarely in between brown and blonde. 

This is a nice option for anyone looking to try out life as a blonde or brighten up a chestnut brown. "Ask your colorist for a suitable golden shade for your skin tone," says Kevin Murphy global design director Katie Reid. "Your colorist could work a variety of natural golds to brighter golden tones by glossing over your lightened hair." If your skin has a neutral undertone like Hadid's, you can pretty much pull off any color. But Reid recommends asking your colorist to create a face-framing highlight that sits MISSING A WORD HERE MAYBE? for an even more flattering look.

Warm Honey Blonde

Serena Williams has played with blonde hair in the past, but we're especially loving this honey shade on her. The warm color works beautifully with her skin tone, giving her that all-over G.O.A.T. glow. 

"The color [at the root] breaks up the overall look, which is key," explains Reid. "The depth stops at her eyebrows which are a key feature and draws you to her eyes and face." The honey hue is soft and natural and works with her complexion due to the well-thought-through color placement.

Cool Platinum

This modern, pale platinum shade works on Lady Gaga because it's balanced out by the golden tones in her skin. "The bronziness of Lady Gaga's skin allows her to have a more true platinum with a touch of warmth," says Dell Miller, colorist at Spoke & Weal Los Angeles. "If the hair is too ashy, her golden skin would take on a more orange tone." It's a bold look to be sure, but if you're ready to try it, ask your colorist for a platinum-to-vanilla blonde with controlled warmth. And don't worry too much about your roots. That's part of the appeal.

Silver Blonde

There are warm undertones in Lucy Boynton's complexion, which means silvery, near-white blonde hair works as a cool counterpoint. "The blue in Lucy's eyes complement her silver-toned blonde hair quite well," adds Miller. "Because Lucy has depth at her base, it breaks up the ash tones in her hair keeping her from looking washed out." Because her roots are left natural and dark, the overall effect is less shocking and more organic. Keeping your brows dark is an excellent choice — your features will appreciate the grounding effect.

Creamy Platinum

The Queen's Gambit star Anya Taylor-Joy wore a red wig for her role in the series. When she hit the red carpet with her real Old Hollywood-style hair, jaws dropped. "Anya's color is so striking because it is a solid shade of blonde," says Mark DeBolt, colorist and co-founder of Mark Ryan Salon. "I love the tone of the platinum; it is not overly yellow, nor is it ashy/gray. It is a balanced, creamy blonde." This shade works well with her fair skin.

Whipped Butter

When Billie Eilish went from her green-and-black hair to this warm platinum color, she basically broke the Internet. But it wasn't an easy transition. The singer/songwriter sat in a salon chair for hours over weeks to safely take her this blonde. The final color looks stunning. 

"It's a little warmer than your traditional platinum blonde, but this works for her fair complexion," says Gibson. "It makes her bright eyes really stand out." Gibson thinks we'll see Eilish go all the way to icy platinum next and this warm shade is just another color on the white-blonde journey.

Tawny Gold

Talk about a golden girl: Ciara's stunning honey-ish hue looks "natural and soft," says colorist Rita Hazan. To steal it for yourself, leave your roots dark (or ask your colorist to give you a dark brown base), then pile on several layers of highlights. "You want some of them to be golden beige and some slightly lighter ones mixed in on top," says colorist Marie Robinson. "Keeping the brown roots next to your skin ensures that you don't become washed out."

Ash Blonde

"Ashy," like "brassy," is one of those words that gets a bad wrap in the colorist business. But take Julianne Hough's version, which looks quite natural. All the word means is that instead of edging orange, the color edges white. And it's especially flattering if there are some darker highlights sewn in throughout. "Julianne has a nice neutral complexion with a slightly cool undertone that allows for her ash blonde hair to complement her skin rather without washing her out," explains Miller. 

White Platinum

Cynthia Erivo can pull off nearly any color — including barely any color at all. A tone this bleached-out looks best on hair that is quite short: For one, it can be damaging on really long strands, and two, it makes a sharper visual statement, especially against darker skin tones. "Cynthia's super-cool haircut with platinum white blonde complements her skin tone well and makes her stand out," adds Hitomi Ikeda, colorist at Rob Peetoom Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York. She could even bleach her eyebrows along with her hair and pull it off seamlessly.

Pale Blonde

You're probably most accustomed to seeing Sophie Turner with vibrant red strands, but this true pale blonde is uniquely flattering against the rosy undertones in her skin. It's a shade that works best if your base is relatively light on its own — otherwise, the hue can look a bit forced. "Pale blonde hair colors pair well with warm tones," says Ikeda. "In Sophie's case, her shade of blonde enhances the warmer underlying tones in her skin." Plus, Turner's makeup, especially her pink blush, keeps her from looking washed out.

Pale Blonde

This snap of Nicole Kidman is a good example of how a yellow-y blonde is not your enemy. You see, if her hair was too white-blonde, there would be no contrast against the cream tone of her skin, and the overall effect could be pretty monochromatic. "When hair colors are too stark or clean on this type of skin tone, it highlights all the natural imperfections and looks very hard," says Reid. "Nicole looks best with natural golds and soft warm overtones. This tone is perfect for her."

Buttery Braids

Slightly darker blonde tones at the roots combined with lighter blonde tones at the ends make Solange's blonde braids a winner in our book. Instead of braiding in her extensions with her typically dark roots, the singer also dyed her natural hair a warm blonde color, which is creating the contrast you see here. "Solange's platinum level 10 is one of the most requested blondes and the hardest to achieve," says Los Angeles-based colorist Liz Jung. "It isn't a fast process and definitely not for the faint of heart; there will be damage. She stunned us all when she debuted this braided look and then later revealed an incredible platinum Afro."

Vernon François is the colorist behind Solange's blonde, someone Jung calls "one of the most brilliant hair dressers." Of course, we couldn't agree more. "He nailed this color!" she says. "I can tell so much care and attention went into the lightening process, as well as the aftercare." Jung only recommends platinum for clients that understand the high-maintenance upkeep, time commitment, potential for damage (you'll probably lose a few inches), and dedication to regular treatments.


See those little bits around Chloë Grace Moretz's face that are a luminous, moonlit tone? We're going to call that ivory, a version of platinum blonde that still has a yellowy brightness and isn't one bit bronze. The tone works best in wide ribbons of highlight against a cooler base; that way, it shows up even better. (Not unlike a moon against a night sky.) Want to steal her look? Us, too. "Chloe's dimensions are made with combinations of gold irridescents, enhanced by warm gold tones with a hint of cooler-toned platinum blonde," explains Ikeda.

Dark Blonde

Miley Cyrus's signature dark blonde hue looks a lot like what Whiteroom salon co-founder and stylist Elisabeth Lovell calls "fall cooldown hair." It's a nice rescue option for a warm blonde base that's turned brassy in the sun. 

If you fall into that category, ask your colorist to blend your roots with an ashy, light brown and then weave in skinny ribbons of a very light pearl shade throughout. When you hit the salon, "ask for a golden blonde hue with bright highlights to pop around the face," says Jung of this "naturally sun-kissed surfer vibe."

Stripey Sheer Gold

Taraji P. Henson's complexion can stand up to the streaks of gold in her streamlined bob. The tones work together rather than providing stark contrast. "This is such a great look for anyone looking for a dramatic change with less maintenance," says Jung of Henson's look, which has a root shadow done by Kymm's Creations. "The color is flawless and modern. I love warm blonde tones because of how they brighten the face and they can work on everyone."

Antique Gold

Behold, 2019's fresher take on platinum hair. Colorist Rachel Bodt dyed model/actress Andreja Pejic's hair what she calls "antique gold." Pejic rocked the color at the Rome International Film Festival premiere of her movie, The Girl in the Spider's Web. Bodt says this warm shade makes her think of "old Hollywood glamour." Antique gold hair takes on the color of champagne thanks to a mix of warm and cool hues. It's a little more beige- than ice-blonde, but equally as stunning — and deeply flattering against porcelain skin, although somehow it also looks great against richer tones, too.

Platinum Gray

The best thing about this hue on YouTuber Jackie Aina is that it might be an ashy, grayish platinum color, but it doesn't make her skin tone look ashy. The dark roots help ground the color and let her golden undertone come through. As Jung notes, if your natural hair is as dark as Aina's, you might want to experiment with a platinum wig to keep your hair healthy. This one on the beauty influencer looks especially cool with a slightly darker root.

Sheer Gold

What we love about Scarlett Johanssen's blonde is how maintainable it happens to be. So your roots are a little dark? Join the club. Because this dye job is purposefully chunky and imperfect, she never has to worry about grow-out. "This blonde is so effortless while reflecting so much shine," says Karissa Schaudt, colorist at Maxine Salon in Chicago. "It looks like it was lightened and left untoned, leaving the look natural with warm golden undertones. The warm tones reflect the most shine making it appear super healthy."

Cream Blonde

Sarah Paulson's baby blonde shade works because of its dark base, which balances the lighter bits, especially against her fair complexion. Ask your colorist for cream and butter highlights, and go slowly. "This multi-dimensional color is a partial hi/low balayage," explains Schaudt. "There's a lot of thick golden pieces towards the roots and that's best achieved with a balayage, not traditional foils."

White Platinum

Teyana Taylor can pull off nearly any color. The lowlights bring a little warmth to the white-hot highlights in this vintage-styled platinum coif. Best of all, the hue doesn't wash out her complexion. If you're drooling over this shade, we don't blame you. But it's not for the faint of heart. "Unfortunately, not everyone can achieve this level of platinum," says Schaudt. "If there's a previous color or existing damage, you would need a wig to achieve this. But if your hair is naturally light and in good condition, ask for a consult to see if it's achievable for you."


For Julia Garner, this warm shade works perfectly with her light eyes and light skin. "Paler skin loves warmth [like] reds and strawberry blondes," says Vickie Vidov, colorist and owner Vidov salon in NYC. "Golden or honey blondes are usually the best. These colors complement her skin so well because they add color and contrast to her face." The secret is making sure to ask your colorist for Garner's multidimensional mix of butter, gold, and honey. This makes the color look natural — not bleached out or over-processed.

Mushroom Blonde

Gigi Hadid's hair color here has a natural, mushroom hue — and that's a good thing. Maryland-based colorist Yokasta Perez coined the name "mushroom blonde" after mimicking the cool tones of one of our favorite pizza toppings on a client. It's a surprisingly low-key way for brunettes to go lighter and blondes to go darker. 

"Olive skin, like all skin, comes in a wide range of shades, with underlying tones from cool to warm," explains Vidov. "This mushroom blonde is neither too warm nor too cool, which is perfect for Gigi's [neutral complexion.]" To get a similar look, ask your colorist for a light brown or dark blonde balayage, with a variation of both light brown and dark blonde pieces. "You get that perfect combination of beige," adds Vidov.

Mushroom Blonde

"This is what we would call a dimensional blonde. It has a few different tones of blonde that play off each other, creating a natural 'born with it' blonde that makes her skin glow," says Vidov of Rosamund Pike's take on the same color. You might be thinking: That's dirty blonde, ma'am. But the slight grayish tones give this color a modern update.

Upside Down Ombré

See what Laverne Cox did here? Some of the lightest bits are on top — where the sun would naturally hit — while the longer ends are a bronzey auburn. You don't need us to tell you that the overall effect is masterful, working off both the high and low tones in her skin's coloring. 

"Laverne has a more neutral-leaning skin tone so she can wear multiple shades of blonde well and we see that shade range demonstrated here from the lighter gold to the more honey tones in the mid-length to ends," says Aaron Bradford, colorist at Cedric Salon in NYC. "To achieve this look, balayage would be the best option in order to maximize the amount of depth possible."

Golden Ombré

For Jennifer Lopez — whose hair has been quite literally every shade of the blonde, bronde, and brunette rainbow — this might be one of her more successful permutations to date. "J.Lo does what we refer to as a 'double process,' meaning she gets her gray roots covered and then gets highlights afterward," explains Bradford. “In contrast, if you have a dark base with little to no gray, you would want to ask for balayage and a gloss afterward to soften or "bump" your dark base to a lighter chocolate tone." Bradford notes that it may take a few highlight sessions to get your color that blonde while keeping the hair's integrity.


Beige gets a bad wrap, and Amber Heard is here to give the tone a new reputation. This pale and sandy yellowish tone is deeply flattering against a range of skin tones, including Heard's rosy ivory. "Amber has a visibly peachy skin tone which is accentuated nicely in contrast by beige tones since they aren't overtly warm," says Bradford. "With this particular skin tone, it has a tendency to look washed out and it's always a good idea to ask your colorist to maintain some form of depth when highlighting for a dimensional look." It would also look great against olive tones, too.

Dirty Blonde

Amanda Seyfried's hair is not quite brunette, not quite blonde, but every single bit dynamic and flattering. (Don't even think about uttering the word mousy.) "Seyfried's color creates a soft glow on her skin while also adding more definition to her features because of the dimension and depth throughout the color," says colorist and Rusk artistry director Laura Gibson. Ask your stylist for a soft golden sombré (a subtle ombré) to achieve this look. They can choose the root color based on your skin tone — and you're good to go.

Dark Blonde

You might not think that color can actually make a big difference to the overall texture of your hair, but think again. "AnnaSophia Robb's dark blonde hair works well for her because of her straight and fine texture," explains Gibson. "By keeping a darker blonde look it makes her hair look fuller and her eyes pop more." Plus, her new pixie cut gives her whole look a unique and modern feel.

Sunny Blonde

Mandy Moore shed her This Is Us hair for this sunny, golden blonde that flatters her skin tone. "The warmth in her color is balanced by her neutral skin tone and warm, hazel eyes," explains DeBolt. "By wearing a warmer hair color and having a warm eye color, it creates a contrast that makes her skin look bright and healthy." There's no tanning required for this glow.

Rooty Blonde

The contrasting blonde shades in Rita Ora's color are flattering for a wide variety of skin tones. "By maintaining some darkness closer to the root, the color feels more grounded and natural," explains DeBolt. "There is also a play between lighter and darker colors to create a pretty, honey-toned contrast between different shades of blonde." To get a similar hue, ask your colorist for highlights with a subtle root shadow. "Request a buttery, warm shade of blonde — nothing too smoky or ashy," adds DeBolt.