MSN August 13, 2021



Mermaid green is the hair color du moment


The color is a big hair trend for this season.

Forget soft blonde highlights and balayages . The hair trend du moment doesn't have to look so natural. Recently, the blue haircut has already gained popularity and again people are interested in dyeing their hair in a striking color. Mermaid green, it is.

Green colors

It seems that green is the hair color of the moment and that it will become an even bigger trend in the fall. And hold on a second , before you swear off the color altogether. We weren't entirely sure either, but the right shade of green can look great. Something colourist Rex Jimieson agrees. "Green is a mix of blue and yellow, so it looks good on people with a warm or cool skin tone, " he tells Popsugar.

Why are striking colors currently in demand? Hair specialist Josh Wood has an idea about that. He states that we are all ready for some jeu. We are corona tired and with a little color we make it a little more fun. "There appears to be a real need for self-expression," he explains to Stylist . The color green does not make our hair naturally and that is precisely why you can make a statement with this color.

With mermaid green you can think of different shades of green. For example, people with naturally dark hair can go for a slightly darker green. Do you have blond hair of your own? Then you could dye your hair a light green that almost tends to blue. Although you could also go for other colors of green. Everything is possible.