Vogue July 12, 2021



3 haircuts that will be a great solution if you have fine hair 


There are some haircuts that you can use to give your hair more volume in case you have very thin hair, take note!

There are many reasons why we can have fine hair , but this does not represent an impediment if we want to show off a mane full of volume and texture with one of these haircuts , as with textured styles , which generally look better if They range from medium to short lengths. If we also resort to specific tricks to comb our hair, we can have voluminous styles in no time. 

Some of the trending haircuts of the moment are ideal for this purpose and are only a couple of snips away. These styles will help keep thin hair from looking flat and, on the contrary, gain body and the illusion of being thicker. When styling, emphasizing the structure of the strands will add to this purpose. We list a series of proposals suggested by experts to achieve this. 

Short with clean lines

With over 20 years of experience, Sanda Petrut of Maxine Salon in Chicago is looking for highly textured styles that move freely and are easy to maintain. The specialist explains that there are many factors when choosing the best haircut for fine hair , since in each case it may vary depending on where the fineness of the hair is present, if it is in the upper, lateral or both areas. . 

If you have fine, straight hair, the stylist suggests cuts that are short and clean lines, with the possibility of including a little graduation or an extra layer if the density of the hair supports it. If you prefer something similar, but a few inches longer, then include long bangs to frame the features of your face. If you have curly hair, then layers will be a must to add volume. The expert also suggests using specialized shampoo to gain density, as well as fixatives.

Cuts without few layers

The celebrity stylist and artistic director of Color Wow, Joseph Maine , recommends in this case to go directly to the blunt haircuts that have very few layers so as not to eliminate the density of the ends. 'There are ways to shape by framing the face or adding minimal hidden layers,' he explains. 

Some styles, like Emma Stone's, play between chin-to-shoulder lengths, but typically the celebrity avoids layers to make it look fuller. Straight bangs or those that are combed sideways, such as those chosen by Emma Stone, create a greater sense of volume . The expert recommends adding the finishing touches to the hairstyle with a diffuser or a curling wand so that the mane gains bounce and fullness. 

Medium to short lengths

New York City co-founder of Mark Ryan Salon and celebrity stylist Ryan Trygstad agrees that blunt cuts with a few layers are best worn to make hair look fuller. Specifically, bet on medium to short lengths because they are the most flattering in your experience. 

'Thinner hair types are less likely to have a style in the shape of a pyramid or triangle, ' explains the expert, who uses these shapes when styling thin hair. To help himself, the specialist applies a root lifter for thinner hair, a thick product that is sometimes overlooked, but which is an ideal preparation for the hair. It is activated by heat and gives the feeling of a fuller look. He suggests betting on round brushes with natural bristles, since they are the ones that best lift the hair without damaging it.