Elle January 9, 2021



The hair colors that will depopulate in 2021 are a hymn to creativity and an invitation to dare

Never as in this year the colorists intend to have fun (and so do we)

After the rigors of these long months, 2021 is proposed as the year of creativity and expressive freedom. Also under the heading of hair color : never as in this year, the colorists intend to have fun with color proposals of all kinds, to satisfy both those who love classic and reassuring shades , and the most rebellious, attracted by pop and unicorn color effects -like . Here are 4 hair colors that will be popular in 2021. Which do you like best?

Photos of the most popular hair colors in 2021

Bronde Sand Tropez

Visualize a golden sand beach on the French Riviera. Here is the brightest, warmest and most feminine hair color of 2021, whose motherhood is due to the colorist Karissa Schaudt, who created a golden bronde tone renamed Sand Tropez . A mélange of cold brown tones and warm blondes , ideal for those who love to see themselves blonde, but hate the Barbie girl effect. Very natural, this color has the advantage of illuminating the face and marrying both light and amber complexions.

Peach red

A very soft and velvety shade of red , slightly opaque. Let's talk about peach red, a hair shade that the American magazine " Allure " predicts will be booming in 2021. Its strengths? It is a refined, romantic, vaguely pre-Raphaelite color, not surprisingly ideal on long or medium-long hair, better if wavy and wavy. It comes from the sum of peach, ginger, beige and blonde shades.

Hazelnut brown

Brunette with no intention of giving in to blond, here is the color for you: an intense and bright hazelnut brown . According to Ryan Trygstad, colorist and owner of the Mark Ryan Salon in New York, "the beauty of this shade is that it is dark, but not black, and that it is embellished with warm golden brown highlights ". Very successful also on very curly hair , the hazelnut color expresses an idea of ​​natural beauty and is highly sensual.

Pastel balayage

Those who dream of a less ordinary hair , starting with the coloring, would do well to consider pastel balayage, poetic and playful at the right point. The balayage technique , usually reserved for shades of blond, involves creating a play of lightening in a workmanlike manner along the entire hair. Most popular nuances? Cotton candy pink, lavender lilac, sage green. Beautiful even in a faded version , when they take on an even more fairytale aspect.