Glamour July 21, 2021



Melted Pecan Hair Is the Coolest Subtle Shade for Summer 

And it's Hailey Bieber–approved. 

One thing's becoming clear: This is the summer of hair switch-ups. While there are tons of options for major changes, if you're looking for something subtle, consider melted pecan hair. 

The yummy shade is packed with dimension and is perfect for transitioning from a bleached blonde back to your natural hair color. If the past year has left you wanting to spend as little time in the salon chair as possible, this is perfect, as there's minimal upkeep involved. 

“It’s a tastefully natural two-dimensional color,” says Karissa Schaudt, a colorist at Maxine Salon in Chicago. “The deep roots keep it youthful and natural, and the fine babylights help melt the two shades together to create a seamless style.” Babylights are superfine highlights made to mimic the way a little kid's hair gets lighter in the sun, and look more natural than regular highlights or balayage. 

Melted pecan hair is also already celeb-approved. Hailey Bieber has been growing out her brighter blonde over the past year and is rocking a blended pecan tone. 

Schaudt says this shade is ideal for lower-maintenance clients, since you can get away with touch-ups only every couple months. She also particularly likes it for her clients with wavy hair, as the texture brings out the dimension. 

To get the look, Schaudt says to ask your colorist for two-dimensional color. Dimensional is the key word here, as that's what will give you that cool “melted” effect. She recommends tinting your base color darker, but only by one to two shades darker than your roots, to keep grow-out minimal. Then ask for those babylights, and have your stylist keep them concentrated through your hairline for a little brightness, and then on the mids through the ends of your hair for an ombréd look. 

And of course, bring plenty of example photos. Scroll on for some of our fave takes on the trend.