Cosmopolitan February 10, 2021



Forget about balayage! We only want "Tweed Hair"


Do you already know the tweed dyeing technique? It is one of the big hair color trends in 2021.

When it comes to new hair color trends, we are always up to date. Whether ombré, balayage or palm painting - we actually all know the coolest coloring techniques. But have you ever heard of tweed technology? It is one of the big hair color trends for 2021 .

Tweed Hair: that's behind it

The tweed dyeing technique conceals soft highlights that, similar to balayage , begin about a hand's width below the hairline. As the name tweed, in English fabric , already suggests, the highlights are worked into the hair much finer, gentler and more natural than with balayage. Hair stylists usually paint them freehand. Keyword palm painting. This makes the subtle color effects even more beautiful and looks less made. So dark roots and light tips are a thing of the past!

This is how the tweed technique works

Tweed hair is about even highlights throughout your hair. The technique is finer and creates more dimension in the hair. So if you have an ash blonde as a natural hair color, fine golden to light blonde highlights are evenly distributed in the hair with the tweed technique . If you have a brown natural hair color, you get fine, light brown highlights. "There is still a contrast, but not as strong as in the last few seasons," explains colorist Rex Jimieson to " US Glamor ". According to the expert, our hair is also a natural product. That is why we should focus more on natural nuances and earthy tones when coloring our hair .

Who is the tweed hair color suitable for?

All women who are still a bit unsure about dyeing or even complete beginners can use the tweed technique wonderfully to get used to a color change. Since the contrasts to natural hair color are very low , you can quickly get used to the new look. And an approach is not a problem either. While we also opted for an easy-care approach with balayage, but gradually had to say goodbye to the light tips, the transition with tweed hair is even gentler. Since the highlights start quite close to the roots, there is no need to re-color too quickly.