Yahoo March 5, 2021


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We Can All Thank The Queen's Gambit For Gigi Hadid's New Hair Color


Gigi Hadid is a redhead now, and it looks like we have a certain Netflix series to thank for it. On March 5, the model shared a few Instagram Stories revealing that she had just dyed her hair a fiery orange color, similar to the color that Anya Taylor-Joy's character Beth wore in The Queen's Gambit.

One video that was taken mid-color change shows Hadid sitting in the chair as her hairstylist, Panos Papandrianos, applies the color. She followed that with two more selfies showing off the final outcome. "She is dedicated to everyone responsible for The Queen's Gambit," she captioned one.

While Hadid may be the latest to hop on the red hair color bandwagon, experts say this is one hue you'll be seeing a lot more of in 2021. "This beautiful shade of red is in popular demand after making its appearance [on the show]," said Karissa Schaudt, colorist at Maxine Salon in Chicago. "This sleek and sophisticated color will transform old, outdated shades. It's a true red, meaning it's deeper than a copper red, but lighter than auburn. In most cases you'll achieve this color in one appointment, but you'll need to keep up on the maintenance with touch-ups every four to six weeks to avoid fading."

See Hadid's full transformation ahead.