Yahoo September 1, 2021



Touch of Toffee Is the Delicious Hair Color Instagram Is Loving Right Now


Seasons change, and so should your hair color. If you want! 

Most people lighten up for spring and summer and go for darker hair color in the fall and winter. But the latest trend, aptly called touch of toffee, is the perfect option for lightening up for crisper, pumpkin-spice weather. 

The best part? Touch of toffee works for blondes and brunettes, because stylists can achieve the toffee-like effect in both deeper and lighter tones. It's also Jennifer Lopez–approved. In addition to satisfying our hearts, minds, and souls with Ben Affleck updates, Lopez updated the world on her touch-of-toffee hair via Instagram in August. 

Karissa Shaudt, colorist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, tells Glamour, “This is a two-dimensional color with lots of tiny woven highlights. The deeper tone is a warm brunette, while the lighter highlights are closer to a medium toffee tone. Ask your colorist for a tint and full-lite. Make sure to ask for fine highlights to achieve this look, stay away from anything chunky. This works best on dark blondes or brunettes who have straight to wavy hair.”

The tiny highlights in this 2021 hair color trend add more dimension to the hair, making it the perfect look for those looking for more volume (or at least the appearance of more volume). The fine highlights also add a yummy and natural sun-kissed texture. In fall, do we say “leaf-kissed”? Get back to me! 

The way this color practically melts down the hair is exactly like the way toffee melts in your mouth. And now I'm hungry!

Speaking of food-inspired hair trends: Peanut butter cup hair is also making the rounds on social media. Brunettes, this one's for you. (But don't worry, blondes: Coconut candy hair is a great option if you're also craving something sweet. Now I'm even hungrier.)