People January 11, 2022



The trends in cuts, hairstyles and hair color that will succeed this 2022 according to experts


Power Bob

The creative director of the Maxine salon in Chicago, Amy Abramite , is clear that the look of Siobhan Roy, a character from Succession (HBO), is one of those who are going strong this new year. No layers and in one length for a polished effect on top and a strong, clean sweep effect at or just below the chin. 

Ideal for straight textures, the key to achieve this is to dry using a wide brush and a few passes with the flat iron to give a shiny finish.

Pin Up Ponytail

"This ponytail and bangs is inspired by '60s icon Brigitte Bardot ," says Abramite. A style that will make your long hair look put together when you wear turtlenecks, scarves or bandanas. 

Achieve the look by giving your hair a lot of texture, using a large curling iron and texturizing powder. Brush it back and secure the ponytail at the nape of your neck allowing the loose strands to fall over your face.

short styles

Joseph Maine is a celebrity hairstylist and co-founder of the hair products and tools firm Trademark Beauty . According to him, 2022 will be the year to cut. "Women are ready for a change and open to a cut that requires more maintenance," she says. "Any length from chin to collarbone will be in style and we'll see them styled in everything from straight and shiny to curly and bouncy." 

Gathered with split parting

A favorite hairstyle of supermodels, the center parting with the hair pulled back is gaining popularity. "There's something more casually cool girl about keeping the part even when your hair is up," says Maine.

To achieve this, a good trick is to separate it into sections.

liquid mane

It is difficult to achieve that effect of aquatic movement that everyone is looking for while straightening the hair to the extreme and giving it shine. Maine recommends using a one-step detangling and smoothing product and argan oil after blow-drying for extra shine and to keep it protected. 

sienna copper

Lorena Martinez is an expert colorist at Maxine salon in Chicago, and she says this vibrant, deep red shade will be a 2022 favorite. "To get the look, apply the shade all over your hair, then do balayage or traditional highlights with silver paper to add movement," explains Martinez. "Darker-haired women will see reddish-brown tones, light brunettes and blondes will see a more vivid copper." 

chocolate cherry

In this style you can see very warm highlights where the softest colors are variations of red (pink, red and copper) and can be achieved with highlights or balayage on a deep brown background. "It works well with layers and curtain style bangs where you can add an extra pop of color around the face," says Martinez. "It can be done with a minimum of bleaching products so it's healthier for the hair." 

winter flannel

This look maintains the dimension of the hair through a background color with thick strands in another color, like bows that stick out through the mane and around the face. “It works well with bangs, face-framing layers, or traditional stripping that are complete with strong contrast between colors,” says Martinez. 

butterfly balayage

For Rex Jimieson , also a colorist at Chicago's Maxine salon, it's all about intensity. "The high definition and strong contrast remind us of a butterfly," he says. "Ask your color expert for warm tones that are most flattering on your skin and bring out your natural hair tone." One trick she gives us is "bleach then use a warm toner to define the strands perfectly." 

warm blondes

Rich tones that transport us to nature in this combination of light and dark highlights. To achieve this look, "foil highlights on warm blondes should be placed on top," says Jimieson. "Ask what warm tones suit you and don't forget that when we talk about warm we mean yellow, red and orange."