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15 Times Harry Styles Proved He Was a Hair Icon


Harry Styles is a man of many talents—good hair being one of them. While hosting Saturday Night Live, the English actor and singer-songwriter joked that his priorities are "music, good hair, and comedy... and then friends and family." Beginning his career as a child star in the young boy band One Direction has led Styles to plenty of his own successful solo endeavors, and we've gotten to watch his tastes and talents evolve as he's made his way to manhood. But no matter what he's gotten himself into—major motion features, new music, or controversial (might we add, incredible) fashion statements—Styles has never let us down with his photo-worthy hair moments.

To prove it to you, we've rounded up our favorite Harry Styles 'dos, along with pro styling tips from Mischa G and Shelly Aguirre. From short and clean to long and effortless, these versatile looks are sure to inspire your next trip to the salon.


Mischa G is a NYC-based hairstylist. She is also the owner and founder of Treehouse Social Club.
Shelly Aguirre is a stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago.


Below, 15 moments that prove Harry Styles is a hair icon.

Short and Sleek

This dapper 'do is one of Styles' cleanest, sleekest looks to date. Needless to say, we are huge fans. And even though he may be wearing it for a role, it has created quite the stir, making it a keeper in our eyes. "This look is perfect for the gentleman who wants to class it up a bit," says G. 

  • Prep damp hair with a volumizing and thickening spray like Boldify Hair Thickening Spray ($25).
  • "Then, blow dry using a curved Denmen Brush ($24) for maximum volume and direction."
  • "Once blown dry, use one pump of Eva NYC Statin Dream Leave-In Cream ($12) to smooth over the top and work the shape in."
  • Finish off with a good dose of flexible hairspray. 


Even with a stubborn part making its way through the pomade, you wouldn't notice it as anything but intentional with a fanned-out look like this one. Sometimes, when utilizing natural movement, all it takes is rubbing your hands together with a little product, raking your fingers through your hair, and letting it do its thing.

Soft Blowout

This softly blown-out style made its debut at the 2019 Met Gala. "This is a flattering look on Harry because it looks mostly understated, not that a stylist probably spent an hour and a half creating this look," comments Aguirre. It would look best on someone with medium to thick hair, whether they be an office type or an artist, she adds. Best of all: "Pulling off this look is easier than one may think," says Aguirre.

  • "Starting off with clean wet hair, blowdry the hair section by section towards the back. You’re better off using a flat brush instead of a round one. You don’t want to create too much volume on the sides or a rounded look at all."
  • "Finish it off with a light hold and flexible finishing wax or pomade."

Perfectly Disheleved

This disheveled style looks like one of those perfect bedhead moments, where every strand has miraculously fallen into the right place. But don't be fooled—this is an intentionally styled effort. His weightless length up top and short waves flipping out in all directions make for swoon-worthy perfection.

Fawcett Flip

Any man who manages to pull off a Farrah Fawcett–inspired flip is a hair icon in our books. Without the use of rollers, Styles uses his natural waves and directs them forward on both sides, framing the face. These long, forward-facing waves are actually a signature detail of his hair looks over the years.

Mid-Length Texture

Styles wears his mid-length cut shamelessly and stylishly. Whereas oftentimes this phase of hair growth can appear awkward (read: weighted hairlines and overgrown ends around the ears), Styles makes it a part of his look. By pulling out some of that weight all around, his length is nothing short of supportive to this piece-y, textured look.

Controlled Curls

When you have wavy or curly hair, similar to Styles', you'll notice how sometimes your mane can have a mind of its own. And still, "Soft, natural yet controlled curls are so hot," gushes G. Taming it to cooperate with your styling efforts takes some seasoning.

  • "To get this look, shampoo and conditioner with Eva NYC Lazy Jane Air Dry Shampoo and Conditioner ($13) to moisturize the curls and reduce frizz."
  • "Next, using a t-shirt or a microfiber towel, blot the excess moisture from the hair without rubbing."
  • "Add in a [curl defining cream] from roots to ends and place the curls off the face into a slightly voluminous shape."
  • Blowdry hair with a diffuser until curls are completely dry. "Try not to touch the curls while they are drying," emphasizes G.
  • "Once dried and cooled, use the Eva NYC Bounce Back Curl Mist ($12) to break apart the curls and maintain the volume and shaping." 

"Hats Off"

While many critics were skeptical of his hat-wearing days, we give it a "hats off" standing ovation. In fact, Styles' wide-brimmed hat looks were highly influential, and plenty of other celebs (from Cara Delevingne to Justin Bieber) followed suit. It's also the ultimate low-maintenance look to disguise second-, third-, or even fourth-day hair—just sayin'.


Those with natural texture and medium hair density can pull off this short, coiffed 'do with ease, notes Aguirre. And thanks to its "I woke up like this" vibes, it complements nearly all face shapes, she adds. To get the look, blowdrying is key. "I would recommend that you use a light-hold gel to start and finish with a spray wax and a pomade both to create texture and piecey-ness," advises Aguirre. We're fans of R+Co Aircraft Pomade Mousse ($32).

Pushing Ahead

Styles' signature look has almost always involved his faux sideburns charade. Pushing those defined curls forward on the face has been a part of his most memorable looks for years. We love how distinctly separated his curls are here. Using a good putty or wax can help you get that defined separation in the hair, like this one from Fatboy ($21).

Lustful Waves

If you don't have lust-worthy waves like Styles, you can try to bring out some of your own unique movement and patterns in the hair by using a good wave spray or salt spray and leaving the hair to air-dry. We like Ouai Wave Spray ($26) for the body and texture it adds to even the straightest of hair types.

Long Hair Don't Care

If this photo doesn't prove it on its own, Harry Styles is forever a hair icon in our books for making every length so notably dreamy. Of course, even with his extra-long locks hanging low, he sports an overdirected flip up top that mimics the same look as his shorter cuts. "I love this look because even tho it looks purposely greasy, it still has volume and shape," comments G.

  • Prep by blowdrying in texture spray in the crown of the head. "I know it sounds crazy but it will give dry mega volume," promises G. "And add in some clips to the crown to cool and hold the shape." 
  • "Next, work through a heavy dose of Eva NYC Magic Mane Split End Mender from the mid-length of the hair to the ends to give a moisturized but use enough to give it a rock and roll 'greasy' look."
  • Finish with flexible hairspray and blowdry with a diffuser to seal in and harden the hair spray.
  • Remove clips.

Helmet Hair

Helmet hair isn't normally a phrase you want to hear when it comes to your hairstyle, but keeping the natural weight of his hair intact certainly made the top of his head appear a little heavy. With naturally thick hair this good, we wouldn't have covered it up either.

Byrdie Tip

Finding the right curl cream to lock in hold and moisture without giving it a crunchy appearance is one of the first steps to managing thick, curly hair. As for controlling the direction it lays in, a sock diffuser and a little finger-combing are sure to go a long way.



How do you forget a hairstyle like this? You don't. Even in his earliest years in the public eye, Styles rocked a style that was unforgettably iconic. Needless to say, it swept all his tween fans away.


Even in the earliest stages of his boyhood, Styles' hair stood out among the rest of his fellow One Direction bandmates. Before the sweeping, the long lengths, the wide-brimmed hats, and the shorter, dapper hairstyles, these waves were bound to, well, make waves. And they most certainly have.


How can I get my hair to look like Harry Styles'?

Harry Styles has sported a number of haircuts over the years. However, whether they're long or short, they tend to work with his natural hair type and texture. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, you can achieve Styles' hairdos with the right cut (leave some length and incorporate long layers) and product. Those with straight hair can use sea salt spray to feign texture.

What hair products does Harry Styles use?

Since Styles typically wears cuts that favor his natural texture. Products like curl creams and texturizing sprays will work to moisturize hair and add definition. A pomade or wax will also create hold.