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34 Fall 2022 Hair Trends We’re All About This Season


Fall is the perfect time for a hair refresh. From '90s updos to every shade of copper you can imagine (did you know there was more than one?), here are the colors, styles, and cuts that are trending this season.

Ahh, the fall. The time when we all dig our sweaters out of storage, swap our bright colors for moodier hues, and start listening to Taylor Swift again. It’s also time to start thinking about fall 2022 hair trends. Summer can be tough on hair — between the heat, the sun, and the chlorine or salt water — you may be left with depleted strands by the time the leaves start to change. That’s why fall is the perfect time for a hair refresh.

Now that it's a bit cooler (bangs and sweat never did get along) we can update sun-bleached color or try new silhouettes that won’t just be thrown up into a ponytail to avoid heat flashes. Or—if you’re really ready for a reset—cut all that summer hair off and start over.

When it comes to fall 2022 hair trends, we’re doubling down on the '90s styles that started creeping back into the ether over the summer. What was once a few butterfly clips is now twice as many. Auburn has turned into Ginger Spice-orange. And we’re taking updo cues from TRL music videos and Delias catalogs.

Stylists are seeing more transitional colors — warm caramel highlights, bright coppers, shadow roots, and “brondes” — but that doesn’t mean we’re playing it safe. Those with bold proclivities are experimenting with two-tone hair and moodier colors like hazy purples and Barbie-inspired pinks.

Ready for a change? Here, you’ll find all the inspiration you need for fall 2022 hairstyles, colors, and cuts. Bust out that “Folklore” vinyl and start thinking autumn.

Meet the Experts

Devin Toth is a hairstylist at SalonSCK in New York City.
Frédéric Fekkai is a hairstylist and founder of the eponymous haircare line, Fekkai.
Adam Federico is the Vice President of Technical Education at R+Co.
Frank Izquierdo is a hairstylist and co-founder of IGK Hair.
Lorena M. Valdes is a colorist at Maxine Salon in Chicago.
Raven Hurtado is a hairstylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago.
Nina Valentine Rubel is the Creative Director of Rob Peetoom Salon in Brooklyn.
Erinn Courtney is a hairstylist and natural hair expert based in Los Angeles.
Tiffanie Richards is a colorist at Louise O’Connor Salon in New York City.
Alessandra Bruno is a hairstylist at Fekkai SoHo in New York City.
Richy Kandasamy is a New York-based colorist, R+Co Collective member, and co-founder of Rikoko Beauty.
Olivia Cassanova is a colorist at IGK Salon SoHo in New York City.
Kasper Heemskerk is a hairstylist and International Education Director at Balmain Hair Couture
Kate Reid is a colorist and COLOR.ME design director for Kevin Murphy.

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Sliced Bob

What is it they say? "The sharper the bob the closer to God." Well, something like that. Several of our experts agreed that this super-sleek, geometric bob (aka the sliced bob) will be the cut of the season. "It’s blunt, with no layers or graduation," says New York-based hairstylist Devin Toth. "It’s almost wig-like."

The ultra-precise, shoulder-length bob can be styled in countless ways — deep side parts, with curly baby bangs, or tousled with texturizer — but since we have the '90s on the brain, we love this cut stick-straight with a center part.

Hair Clips

Before you leave the house, put one thing back on. Actually, put ten things back on. Loading your hair up with hair clips and barrettes is a fun, maximalist take on the 90s trend. The chunkier, glitterier, and more colorful — the better.


Why pick one color when you can pick two? There’s a couple ways you can do this: You can go for a sharp, high-contrast color block, like Megan Thee Stallion. Or you can opt for this low maintenance two-tone look that says, "Oops I let my color grow way out. My bad." Blending is so 2021, anyway.

Skunk Stripes

Speaking of two-tone, Toth predicts that skunk stripes will be the color combo of the season. "Look out for bold vertical stripes of hair color that framing each side of a person's face and hair part," he says.

When trying this trend, it’s best to go to your salon prepared. "Do your research and find the exact tones and colors you like, as well as how thick or thin you would like your panels to be," New York-based colorist Tiffanie Richards says.

Natural Curls

Healthy, natural texture is a look all on its own. "Nothing can ever replace the unique beauty of a person’s natural hair texture," says Toth. "You can use hair products and tools to enhance or nudge your natural hair texture into the vibe that you’re going for on any given day, but you don’t need to do a [huge] change."

Adam Federico, Vice President of Technical Education at R+Co, particularly loves natural texture in an expanded shape. "I love to see women staying authentic," he says. "Pick your shape and be sure to keep products light. You just can’t go wrong with that simple formula."


There’s normcore, cottagecore, and now — Barbiecore. What exactly is Barbiecore? "Anything pink or over-the-top," says Toth. This soft pink color is a (sorta) subtle way to pay homage to the rosy world of Mattel. The shadow roots (more on this later) keep it a bit more low-key, but the long length is all classic Barbie. 

Curtain Bangs

Frank Izquierdo, co-founder of IGK Hair, loves this breezy, face-framing cut for fall. Curtain bangs have always been a great option for the chop-averse. They’re versatile enough that you can just push them aside, but dramatic enough to still feel like you changed things up. Length is up to you, but keep them above the cheekbones for a flirtier look.

Space Buns

Mix two parts Sailor Moon with one part Spice Girls — shake, don’t stir — and what do you get? Y2K space buns. It’s super youthful, fun, and works on any texture. Braided buns give you more of an alien antennae look, or you can tease out your natural texture for two casual, messy buns.

Face-Framing Baby Braids

For those of us whose arms simply cannot muster the strength to take on ropey, prairie-style braids, seeing these two tiny, face-framing braids come back into a style was a huge relief. “They’re easy, attractive, and give a low-key cool-girl vibe.” For a twist, add barrettes or hair jewelry.


Izquierdo is seeing more of the très Parisian microbob, “a very short bob that’s low-maintenance, simple, but sophisticated.” If you have naturally thin or straight hair, this is a great style because it will require very little product and won’t weigh down hair that’s already starved for volume.

Smoked Chestnut

A sexy, rich brown is a classic way to start the fall (and it’s especially fun if you were rocking blonde over the summer). "I would recommend getting an all over color and adding a gloss to maintain that shiny neutral brown," says Chicago-based colorist Lorena M. Valdes.

Carnelian Copper

Several of our experts predict that copper will be one of the most requested hair colors of the fall. All-over red is a sexy statement, but you can dip your toes in the red-head water with auburn highlights or balayage. If you’re a DIY dyer, try IGK Permanent Color Kits in Copper Cola or Sunset Lover—both auburns with a vibrant orange undertone.

Tiger Orange

Copper may be the color of fall 2022, but if you’re looking to amp the trend up to an eleven, think brighter. Like, Milla Jovovich in Fifth Element brighter. "This autumn we’re going to see bright coppers like tiger and tangerine," says Nina Valentine Rubel, Creative Director of Rob Peetoom Salon in New York City.

'90s Pigtails

If you’ve seen this look before, it’s because you’ve seen the “Baby One More Time” video a few thousand times like the best of us. The cheeky half-up pigtails of the '90s are back in a big way and couldn’t be easier to do. "It’s by far the most popular street style right now and can be styled with so many variations," says Toth. "I really like it when the pigtails are really high but hidden—so they just blend into the rest of the hair."

Glossy Ponytail

Ten out of ten Ariana Grandes agree: the ultra-sleek ponytail is trending. The logistics are simple. "Start off with straight hair, then pull it up into a ponytail and secure it with a hair tie," says Chicago-based stylist Raven Hurtado. Finish with a hair shine spray or a thin layer of gel to keep flyaways down. "It looks great with a middle part, side part, or with a few face-framing pieces left out."

High or low pony is totally up to you. We also love the gentle, '60s-esque flip that Doja Cat has here at the end of her pony.

Easy Chignon

If a sleek, glossy pony is too high-maintenance (or your texture is just not cooperating), a casual "Who me? I just tossed my hair up" messy chignon — as made popular by Hailey Beiber — has the same timeless appeal. "Tie your hair into a low ponytail, then wrap it around and secure the bun by pinning it," says Hurtado.

Mermaid Waves

Just because beach season is over, doesn’t mean you need to give up your cool-girl salt water texture. In fact: go all in. Don’t think surfer girl. Instead, think mermaid. Hurtado creates this cascade of waves with a triple barrel waver (she recommends the Trademark Beauty Babe Waves Original Hair Waver). "Finish with a texturizing spray for more movement," she says.

The Butterfly

"One of my favorite cuts for fall is the ‘Butterfly,’ which is a modern take on the classic shag and the beloved ‘Rachel’ cut," says hairstylist and founder of Fekkai, Frédéric Fekkai. "The butterfly wings are created with shorter, face-framing layers that land at chin level, which then blend seamlessly with longer layers that land at the shoulder level and beyond." The result is serious volume and movement, like Jennifer Lopez or Mariah Carey. 

Braided Bob

"My favorite 2022 fall cut is a bob, but make it braids," says Los Angeles-based stylist Erinn Courtney. "There's so much you can do with this style, like wearing it half up and half down, or leaving tendrils out. It can be done in so many colors but I like the style for jet blacks, dark browns, and blondes."

Wolf Cut

"We’re seeing a lot of requests at our salons for wolf cuts," says Fekkai. Wolf cuts—a choppy shag mixed with the shape of a mullet — were spotted on celebs like Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish over the summer and make for a great, transitional cut in the fall. "This is a cut that works for all hair types. Straight hair will produce a wispy look while those with textured hair can use curl defining products to create a beautiful cascade of natural curls," says Fekkai. "I love styles that work with the hair, not against it."

Bouncy Bob

If a sharp, Posh Spice bob isn’t your cup of tea (or you have a sharp bob and want to mix it up), bouncy, tousled volume is a sexy match for short hair. If you have curly hair already, this is a no-brainer style for fall. If not, hit your roots with a good texturizer and blow your hair out with a big-barreled round brush.


If TikTok hasn’t already influenced you to buy a hair bedazzler — a staple gun-esque beauty tool that stamps gems onto your hair — then there’s no time like this fall. Toth recommends the Blinger Ultimate Set (the one you see on TikTok) for a nice all-over application, but you can also safely glue loose gems to your hair with eyelash glue.


If your hair has been totally ravaged by summer — great news. Shaved heads and super-short hair are trending thanks to celebs like Demi Lovato and Saweetie taking the plunge. "Fall is the perfect time for a big chop and getting your hair back in good condition," says New York-based hairstylist Alessandra Bruno.

Swooped Baby Bangs

Baby bangs might seem like a one-trick-pony. (They’re simply short. Where else could they go?) So glad you asked. In fall 2022, they’re slicked and swooping to the side. The effect is 1950s Audrey Hepburn if she wore more leather — a little flirty, a little punky, decidedly piecey, and super modern.

Shoulder-Length Lob

A lob is, quite literally, a long bob. Dramatic chops like sliced bobs and wolf cuts may be trending for fall 2022, but a lob is like their sweet but quiet little sister. If you’re not ready for something edgy, a shoulder-length lob is a stylish compromise that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Ultra-Modern Top Knot

Summer is typically about loose styles, effortless messes, and tousled textures. When this fall rolls around and the turtlenecks are back out, we’re loving an uber-sleek top knot that’s so glossy and snatched that it’s almost as effective as a face lift. Leave the ends of your hair poking out of the bun, or let tendrils loose (or both!) like Normani did here so its more "futuristic supermodel" and less “scary ballet teacher.”

Pony Braid

Long hairstyles are typically a bit more involved and time-consuming, but a slicked high ponytail in a single braid is a cool style that looks more intricate and done-up than it really is.

Shadow Roots

Whoever made shadow roots cool deserves a damn round of applause. Being blonde used to mean frequent trips to the salon to hide our true colors (literally). In 2022, showing your roots is a good thing — in fact, a cool thing — and we’re seeing peaks of darker color under platinum blonde on celebs like Gigi Hadid, Ariana Debose, and multiple Kardashians.


Not quite blonde and not quite brunette — bronde is a beautiful neutral color for fall 2022. "As long as your colorist gives you a suitable tone and level of lightness, it can work for every skin tone and hair texture," says New York-based colorist Olivia Cassanova. "It’s the perfect way for brunettes to dabble with the idea of going lighter without committing to anything they can’t handle."

Multi-Dimensional Brunette

Blondes don’t have all the fun. Brunettes looking to amp up their color without a full-on color change can play with highlights or lowlights in other shades of brown. "Multi-dimensional brunettes are always an autumn season trend," says colorist Richy Kandasamy. "We are going to see rich brown brunettes with subtle, seamless highlights. Adding the illusion of different brown hues is essential, because it gives the hair a pure, healthy look."

Textured Crop

A rock-n-roll pixie crop with wild texture is a punky way to ring in the fall if you have shorter hair (think Selma Blair or Kristen Stewart). It says "I woke up like this," in a cool, carefree way.

Copper Balayage

We’ve already hammered it home, but if there’s one color to try this season, it’s copper. But all-over color can be a big change for some — so using the "it" color as a highlight or balayage is a nice in-between. "Copper can make a regular balayage a little more bold," says Toth. We love the bright copper blended into a deep, chocolate brown or auburn.

Caramel Color

"We’re seeing trends like warm, caramel highlights and honey tones," says Kasper Heemskerk, International Education Director at Balmain Hair Couture.

Rubel also loves how transitional these golden tones can be. "Those looking for a more impactful departure from their summer blonde will love these deeper shades of caramel and butterscotch being incorporated with a simple glossing service," she says.

Low-Key Violet

Dusty violet is a moody fall take on pastel-hued hair. "When we create violet looks, we like to work with dimension and keep it multi-tonal, so it looks expensive and luminous," says colorist and Kevin Murphy design director Kate Reid. "We paint three different variations of violet through the hair so you can really see the hair shimmer and glow, while remaining in the same shade family."