Yahoo February 22, 2022



Sophie Turner Is Now a Fiery Redhead 


Sophie Turner is arguably known for two things: her role as Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones and her long, icy blonde hair. However, the actor decided to ditch her signature blonde mane sometime last year for a deep red, which she's just brightened up even more for a fresh candy apple shade. Turner was seen sporting the new hair color while walking around Los Angeles with husband Joe Jonas on February 16. 

Contrary to the approach of most celebrities, Turner did not take to Instagram to share her latest hair color transformation. Red is not exactly a new look for the actor, and she was seen with a deeper, more copper-toned hue than what we're seeing in these recent photos just last month. Case in point: an advertisement for a Louis Vuitton watch that she shared via Instagram on January 14. Three months prior to the debut of the advertisement, the actor posted another photo of herself showing off her dark red head of hair. 

According to colorists that Allure has previously spoken to, wearing various hues of red and dark brown simultaneously is expected to be the primary way in which red will be worn this year. Known as chocolate cherry, this hair color plays with a variety of reds, such as rose and copper, but "rich brown" serves "as the background color," says Lorena Martinez of Maxine Salon. Though Turner's hair is a bit brighter than these trend predictions, maybe she knows something we don't — or she's starting a fiery new trend all on her own. 

The reasons for Turner's hair color transformation are unclear. With the arrival of spring only a month away from now, perhaps she's simply looking to start off the new season with a bright, fresh look.