Glamour December 23, 2022



Hot chocolate dye: the most delicious hair trend of winter


With this cold weather, nothing better than raising the temperature in your hair. 

While blondes choose honey tones for winter, chestnuts opt for hot chocolate for the New Year.

This is a dark brown shade characterized by warm undertones and dimension, says Nikki Lee, co-owner and stylist at Nine Zero One Salon in West Hollywood.

If you need a reference, Lee gives an example of the hair of Sarah Hyland, her client. Beauty icons Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Laura Harrier, Anne Hathaway, and Camila Cabello, are also known for rocking the signature dark chestnut color (although yes, technically we just lost Hadid for the blonde side).

But Lee isn't the only beauty expert predicting a rise in hot chocolate hue in 2023. According to Nick Stenson, Matrix Art Director, deep chestnut shades , like hot chocolate , will be some of the most sought-after colors this winter: ' This brown hair will have a healthy shine and lean to the warm side without being flashy,' she says.

The secret of hot chocolate hair color , compared to more muted brown or ash tones, lies in its dynamic nuances: " Hot chocolate is a warm brown with a slightly reddish undertone," explains Lorena M. Valdés to Glamor, colorist at the Chicago Maxine Salon.

So do not go into aesthetics and ask for any dark brown ; be sure to ask for a deep dark with subtle dimension and warm undertones, Lee says. It is also highly recommended to bring example photos.

If you prefer to keep the brown a bit lighter, Valdés points out that you can always add highlights to brighten up the hot chocolate look . In that case, you might want to consider brownie brown , a version with highlights à la Mindy Kaling. However, you can adapt each hair color to your ideal aesthetic.

How do you keep the hot chocolate dye ? Although its glamorous, glossy finish may seem intimidating, care for this color isn't too bad: "The color is low-maintenance because it has no highlights at the root, so the growth is very smooth with no harsh lines," Lee explains.

That said, if your hair is naturally lighter—or if you work hard to keep the glossy finish at its optimal level of shine—Valdes suggests root touch-ups every six to eight weeks, along with a hair gloss to maintain its shine and wealth.

If you're a natural blonde and dye your hair a hot chocolate shade , Valdés recommends refreshing the roots and color every four weeks.

Like all chemically treated hair, hot chocolate brown requires at-home color-care shampoo and conditioner, as well as weekly masks and treatments: "Safe, color-fixing shampoos are always best to prevent washout," she says. Valdes.

As for treatments, Lee suggests using Garnier's Color Reviver once a week. "I recommend using the color warm brown," she says. "It's great for keeping your hair hot chocolate at home."

Lastly, be sure to follow the rule of thumb when using heat tools: always apply heat protectant after washing your hair and before drying and styling; it's essential to maintain shine, says Valdés. You can also wash your hair less than usual, since doing it daily could remove the color prematurely, says Lee.

Article originally published by Glamor US,, adapted by Paola Zamarripa.