Woman's Day March 2022

Woman's Day


Curl Power


For Curl Crush Day, learn the best way to embrace your natural waves and spirals with tips from curl expert Leigh Hardges, stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago. 

Comb, Don't Brush.

"Use a wide-tooth comb," says Hardges. "the tension from a brush will cause frizz and may damage curls." WD loves: Pattern Wide Tooth Comb. $15, patternbeauty.com

Air -Dry Right.

After washing, apply styling products like curl-enhancing gel or cream while hair is soaking wet, she advises. Then remove excess moisture using a T-shirt, wich is gentler on hair than a towel. Pro pick: Camille Rose Curl Maker Defining Gel. $22. camillerose.com

Keep Hands Off.

"Arrange the curls using your fingers, then leave hair alone-don't touch or shake it." Hardges says, as that can disturb the curl pattern and promote frizz.