Elle August 29, 2022



All about the new trendy jellyfish haircut


Animal-inspired hairstyles and haircuts are the trend and after the wolf cut and butterfly cut, it's now time for the jellyfish haircut to take over (it's already dominating TikTok)! Here's everything you want to know about the hair hack!

The updo hairstyles trend has been around for quite some time now, and we can't seem to get enough. From the wolf cut and the updated wolf cut 2.0 , to the sequel and favorite butterfly cut and drape bangs – hair of different lengths is here to stay!

Newest in hairstyle heaven is the so-called jellyfish haircut, jellyfish cut in Swedish - and this hairstyle is not for the faint of heart. The jellyfish cut, with its daring and cocky look, requires a brave wearer. Once you take the plunge, it's SO neat!

What is a jellyfish haircut?

The Jellyfish cut is inspired by the "hime cut", a hairstyle that dates back to Japan and the Heian period, years 794-1185. The Hime cut consists of a straight haircut with equally straight side lengths, ending approximately at the cheek, combined with straight full bangs.

Raven Hurtado, stylist at American salon Maxine Salon, tells Glamour.com that the jellyfish cut is basically a half-short/half-long mullet that functions as two different hairstyles in one.

– The Jellyfish cut has separate sections, with the top section in very short layers, while the bottom section is longer and has more texture.

The top, short part of the hairstyle is rounded and soft in style, much like a real short bob (or bob, if you will). This combined with the long, straight lower lengths is the reason for the name jellyfish, jellyfish. Because surely the shape is reminiscent of the transparent sea creature?

The difference between jellyfish haircut and wolf cut

Unlike a wolf cut (or mullet), the jellyfish haircut is clear in its few lengths (usually 2-3 stages in contrast to the many cuts in the wolf cut). And the longest hair in a jellyfish cut is a significantly smaller section than that saved in a wolf cut.

On TikTok, the jellyfish haircut trend is already big and the hashtag "jellyfishhaircut" currently has 9.9 million (!) views!

Unlike the hime cut, you can choose whether you want your jellyfish cut with or without full bangs, it's just as nice regardless. Why not add another exciting trend element by matching the jellyfish haircut with drape bangs?

The bangs that take over after the curtain bangs - all about the trendy hairstyle

If you want to go a step further with the hairstyle trick, you can dye all - or parts of - your hair in an exciting colour.

Those who want to invest in the jellyfish cut but seek a more discreet result can leave the upper part slightly longer than the classic pot length and simply flatten all sections so that they blend more into each other, but still retain the distinct edge which frames the face.

By not letting the long lengths be as thin, you can also make the hairstyle feel more "careful". Simply think: the more contrast in lengths, colors and styling, the more edgy.

Nicole Kidman is one of the celebrities who ventured into the jellyfish haircut. When she recently graced the cover of Perfect Magazine, it was with a copper-red jellyfish haircut. It's goals if anything!