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15 Perfect Brushes For Every Hair Type


The right hair brush can be a total gamechanger.

You may not think twice about the type of hair brush you're using, but it's actually one of the most important components to achieving a flawless 'do. The right hair brush can tame frizzy flyaways that make sleek ponytails look older than they really are. Detangling brushes take the pain out of wash day knots and tangles. Teasing brushes add the perfect layers of volume. And we can't forget about thermal brushes that breathe life back into week-old blowouts. Even when it comes to protective styles, there are different types of hair brushes to preserve your look.

Long story short, no matter if your hair is long, in a cropped cut, wet or dry, using the right brush is key. When choosing a hair brush, there are some key factors to consider. Are you looking for a brush to smooth and glide through wet hair, or are you looking for a dry hair brush to switch up your coils, curls, and kinks? Is adding volume to your straight strands at the top of your priority list? Will your thick, coarse tresses break the bristles on a thinner brush? Understanding your hair type and your hair needs will help you find the perfect hair brush.

Are you ready to swap out your old brushes? Can't wait to try a viral brush you've seen on your TikTok FYP? Scroll ahead for a handy guide to the most common types of brushes on the market — plus, we tapped celebrity stylist Dhairius Thomas (who shared the go-to brush for curlfriends) and Maxine Salon stylist Raven Hurtado to share their tips for finding the perfect brush for every hair type.

Detangling Brush

Tangle Teezer

Specifically designed for detangling in the shower, this brush is perfect for those who have hair that just doesn't cooperate. A detangling brush won't pull, tug or snag your wet hair. According to Thomas, the wide tooth bristles and panels help unlock any knot. Pro tip:Always begin detangling from the ends of the hair and work your way up.

Cushion Brush


If your hair is prone to static and frizz, a cushion brush is a great option. The nylon pins and rubber pad combat static and make your hair look silky smooth. And if you prefer not to use a round brush to blow dry your hair, this flat one works great for styling.

Curved Brush

Ineffable Care

Though not as common as other brush types, a curved brush is great for evenly distributing your hair's oils from the scalp down to your ends. This particular brush is also vented, which makes it ideal for drying your hair faster.

Thermal Brush


Do you love your post-blowout hair but don't have the time and energy to use your round brush and hairdryer every day? Enter all-in-one heated brushes. According to Hurtado, the secret to achieving a long-lasting blowout with a thermal brush is to make sure the heat is distributed evenly.

Vented Brush


The vents in these types of brushes help speed up your drying time since the heat from your blow dryer can reach your strands from all angles. Since you're spending less time blasting your hair with hot air, this also helps prevent heat damage. Hurtado recommends using a vented brush on shoulder length or shorter because it helps lift and dry the roots quicker.

Tiny Boar Bristle Brush

Camryn's BFF

If you have baby hairs and flyaways that are basically impossible to tame, try a mini brush/comb duo. This one has a boar bristle brush and fine-tooth comb to touch up those annoying pieces.

Round Brush


If you want a blowout with major volume and a little bit of curl, use a round brush. Some round brushes have bristles going all around, while others have boar bristles that give hair extra shine. Hurtado uses round brushes "to get bouncy hair and also smooth hair."

Nylon Bristle Brush

Sam Villa

Usually made from nylon, synthetic bristles are best for super thick hair types. They don't create as much static as natural versions, like boar. Plus the stiffer bristles make for easier detangling.

Vegan Boar Bristle Hair Brush


Usually made of boar bristles, natural bristle brushes are super soft and help to distribute your hair's natural oils all the way to the ends, which makes for some seriously shiny strands. According to Thomas, boar bristle brushes can be used to brush out waves or curls. The brush helps spread the hair with every stroke, turning a single curl into a panel of flowing waves.

Wide Tooth Comb

Pattern Beauty by Tracee Ellis Ross

When your hair is sopping wet from the shower, the last thing you want to do is go at it with your usual hairbrush. The bristles will pull and stretch out your strands, making them weak and can easily break them. Instead, go for a wide-tooth comb — it detangles knots without tearing at your hair. Be sure to start from the ends of your hair and work down to the root.

Teasing Brush


Thinner than your average brush, teasing brushes help achieve — you guessed it— extra volume, especially when it comes to updos. This BB comes equipped with a rat tail handle that separates into sections and provides an additional lift once the hair has been pinned down.

Wet Brush

Wet Brush Pro

If you don't love the way a comb tugs at your scalp, you can use a brush on wet hair — as long as it's specifically designed for soaked strands. Hurtado recommends this brush because it "has flexible silicone bristles that are tough enough for knots." They also apply "tension, but bend "when you don’t need it."

Rattail Comb


The long handle on this type of comb makes sectioning hair to create cool braids or a flawless curl set a total breeze. The fine teeth of the comb are great for smoothing out any cowlicks and bumps in your style.

Mini Gloss: Dual Boar Bristle Brush


To get the perfect combo of a boar bristle's shiny hair benefits plus a synthetic's detangling powers, go for a mixed bristle brush. These are a popular type among hairstylists since they can be used on most hair textures.

Paddle Brush

Olivia Garden

More than just an everyday go-to, this brush smooths out hair before adding additional heat. According to Hurtado, paddle brushes have a "soft cushion with plastic bristles" that are "soft and gentle on the scalp." This Olivia Garden Brush comes equipped with a handle that Hurtado like because it gives "a good grip" when working with long hair.