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Want Better Hair and Skin? You Need a New Shower Head Filter


Having clean, chlorine-free water is one of the best ways to improve your skin and hair. Here are the best shower head filters on the market this year.

Beyond investing in a high-quality shower head, having access to clean, chlorine-free water is one of the best and relatively inexpensive ways to improve your skin and hair. A shower head filter removes toxins like chlorine, an ingredient that strips the natural oils from the scalp and hair, from the water before it flows out of the shower head.

Investing in a new shower head is an expert-approved move to improve your skin and hair. According to senior hair colorist Tina Deeke of Maxine Salon in Chicago, “By having filtered water, your hair and skin will feel substantially less dry. Your hair will also be less frizzy and much shinier as natural oils remain to protect hair and skin.”


Deeke, who has 18 years of hair coloring experience, argues that everyone who color treats (dyes or highlights) their hair should install a shower head filter regardless of their hair color. “Certain colored hair like redheads has a tendency to fade faster, and unfiltered chlorinated water can speed up the process. Highlighted hair is typically more porous, so adding a filter reduces exposure to the water’s harsh effects, thus helping the condition of hair and scalp,” she says.

And a new shower head does wonders for your skin too. According to clinical dermatologist Dr. Enrizza Factor, M.D., shower head filters help prevent allergies and irritations caused by chlorine inhalation. “Chlorine-free bath water can also help make hair and skin healthier because you’re putting less strain on your skin to keep itself healthy,” she says.


Depending on where you live, you're dealing with either city or well water. City water typically has a high chlorine level, and well water is usually filled with minerals that cause buildup on hair, notes Deeke.

Curious about the quality of water at home? The Environmental Working Group created a free online database where you type in your zip code and learn about potential containments in your local tap water source. The organization also provides a numerical grade based on the overall quality of your local water.


Before you shop for a shower head filter, Thumbtack home expert David Steckel, advises determining which shower head is in your home. Here, Steckel briefly breaks down how he would explain each type to a client as they shop for a showerhead filter.

Handheld shower heads have a hose filter that you can take off the wall and is sometimes an accessory you install along with a rain or fixed showerhead. Keep in mind that most shower head filters don't accommodate handheld shower heads.
Fixed shower heads are mounted on the wall of the shower and only come off the wall a few inches and angle down. They're your standard shower head with multiple functions to change the pressure type and range in price from affordable to high-end.
Rain shower heads are two to three times the diameter of a fixed shower head, provide softer water distribution, and are usually installed from the ceiling or out from a wall.


Good news: Steckel promises that installing a shower head filter is quick and very simple — the entire process should take newbies around 10 minutes. The only tools you'll need are pliers, a handy rag to avoid stripping and scratching your new fixture, and plumber’s tape, which is typically included with shower head filter purchases.

"All that you need to do to install a filter for a rain or fixed showerhead is unscrew the fixture, screw on the filter with plumber’s tape, ensure it is tight, but not too tight, and then screw back on the fixture head with some plumber’s tape," explains Steckel.

To help you achieve the softest hair and best skin of your life, I researched and found a few impressive shower head filters I'd be willing to buy. These selections vary in capabilities and price, but they all passed my vetting process, which includes investigating the filter materials, what ingredients it adds or removes from water, and reading through hundreds of product reviews to ensure the overall product value. Deeke also shared the shower head filter that's been part of her routine for years.


High Output Revitalizing Shower Filter


Key Specs

Shower head types: Rain and fixed
Filters: Chlorine and its by-products
Adds: Skin-brightening vitamin C, oxygen, and other minerals

With glowing reviews from more than 35,400 reviewers on Amazon, you can't be too surprised this No. 1 bestseller earned the top spot on our list. AquaBliss achieved the best overall distinction because reviewers say it's effortless to install on all types of shower heads, including handheld, rain, and fixed.

This AquaBliss shower head filter also helps neutralize unpleasant odors and reduces harmful chemicals, so your hard tap water is softened. (Hundreds of 5-star reviews say the chlorine smell in their water immediately disappeared after installing the shower head filter.)

It’s a shower head filter that can truly do wonders on your hair. One city-dwelling Amazon reviewer noticed their water supply was hard and heavily chlorinated, leaving their curly hair dry and skin itchy. However, they saw an immediate difference after installing this shower head filter.

“I don’t remember the last time my hair didn’t feel like a bale of hay in the shower, even after conditioner. But [after] one shower with the Aqua Bliss, my hair feels clean, soft, and has volume now. My skin doesn’t feel stripped and itchy,” they say.


Luxury Filtered Shower Head Set


Key Specs

Shower head type: Fixed
Filters: Chlorine, fluoride, calcium, magnesium, and heavy metals
Adds: Vitamins C and E

Don't let the similar-sounding brand names confuse you. Both AquaHomeGroup and AquaBliss shower head filters are impressive, but AquaHomeGroup gets our runner-up title because it's not compatible with rain or handheld shower heads. The good news: after it's installed, the filter will create a high-pressure rain shower-inspired effect.

What we're most impressed about is that it utilizes a filter that has 15 stages of purification from pesky ingredients found in well and city water. Like AquaBliss, this one infuses the hair with vitamin C but swaps out oxygen for vitamin E. The filter is also equipped with a layer of coconut-activated carbon to improve the smell, taste, and color of your water.


15 Stage Shower Filter with Vitamin C
Aqua Earth


Key Specs

Shower head types: Fixed, handheld, and rainfall
Filters: Chlorine
Adds: Vitamin C

I promise you that Aqua Earth and the two previously mentioned brands are all different companies. With that being said, this shower head filter also earned high marks from Amazon reviewers. (4.5-star average rating from 7,800 reviews).

Like our runner-up, this uses a 15-stage filter to remove questionable components in the water for almost half the price of AquaHomeGroup's shower head filter. The biggest reason for the price drop is that Aqua Earth needs to be replaced more often. Amazon reviewers suggest replacing this shower head filter every few months for optimal results. And unlike other options on this list, the shower head filter only infuses your water with a single ingredient: vitamin C.

One reviewer loves the filter but notes it starts to rust after 6 months, a minor issue that hasn't impacted the water's quality. Remember, you buy a shower head filter to clean up your local water. If you don't mind the slight possibility of a little rusting and don't need anything beyond vitamin C in your water, then this is an excellent option for the price.


SL2-CM Slim-Line 2 Universal Shower Filter


Key Specs

Shower head type: Fixed, handheld, and rainfall
Filters: Chlorine
Adds: Nothing

When Deeke is shopping for a shower head filter, her main concern is removing chlorine so her hair color remains on point and her skin stays soft. She's found her shower head filter match in Sprite, a brand she's been loyal to for a few years because the filter is effective and it's easy to install.

Amazon reviewers are also keen on using this shower head filter. Beyond its 4.4-star average rating from more than 1,100 reviews, shoppers say the inexpensive shower head filter helps soften their skin, prevents itching, and improves the overall shower experience.

For around $23, you're getting a filter that removes chlorine which is the biggest beauty concern for Deeke, and TBH you can't get too upset that it doesn't infuse extra ingredients like vitamins and oxygen since this is one of the most affordable yet highly rated models on the market.


Source Hand-Held Mineral Water Filter


Key Specs

Shower head type: Handheld
Filters: Chlorine
Adds: Nothing

T3 is a power player in the haircare industry, and its shower head filter earned impressive reviews across Sephora, Amazon, and Dermstore.

Your kit comes with a brand-new handheld shower head, hose, plumbers tape, and pre-installed filter for your convenience — all you have to do is a quick installation. You can replace the $25 filter once the indicator turns black, which is typically after three or four months.

The hair shower filter uses a mineral mixture of calcium sulfide, copper, and zinc to help remove sediment, dirt, hydrogen sulfide, and iron oxide from the water. One reviewer gave this filter 5 stars because it helped soften their strands and completely eliminated frizz to the point where they cut down the number of products they need to clean and style their hair.

Even trained pros can see a difference when using this filter, with one reviewer boasting that their hairstylist was amazed by how dramatically softer their frizz-prone, wavy hair feels.