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The 8 Best Tape-In Extensions of 2022


Our best overall pick is Glam Seamless Tape-In Extensions

Whether you’re looking to add length, volume, or a little bit of both—the easiest (and fastest) way to do so is with hair extensions. And while extensions were once thought of as a super high-end service reserved solely for celebs on the red carpet, they’re now more accessible than ever with tape-in options you can use at home.

As the name suggests, the extensions are attached to a strong adhesive. When applying them, the natural hair is sandwiched in between two extension pieces, and the adhesive attached to the scalp, explains Leigh Hardges, stylist at Chicago’s Maxine Salon. Application is fairly quick and easy; it requires no tools or chemicals, and can take less than an hour to apply a full head’s worth with minimal damage when done correctly, adds stylist Gina Rivera, CEO of Phenix Salon Suites. (Though on that note, if you plan on sporting extensions for more than just one night out, it’s always best to leave it up the pros, since the placement of each piece is critical.)

We conducted hours of research on the best tape-in extensions, evaluating each model on type of hair, shades available, and number of wefts. We also considered how easy they were to apply, and made sure none of these options damaged your hair. After considering dozens of options and consulting with three hair stylists, we landed on these recommendations.

Ahead, find the best tape-in extensions to transform into a real-life Rapunzel.

Best Overall: Glam Seamless Tape In Hair Extensions

Hardges is a fan of these extensions, both because of the “great quality” of the hair and the predictable results they deliver. There’s an incredibly wide range of color and length options, as well as wavy varieties for when you want a little texture. You can also pick from different types of tape wefts and visible or non-visible sew lines (the spot where the hair and the tape meet). They even have singular pieces meant for easy DIY application, ideal for anyone who doesn’t have time for a trip to the salon. 

Runner-Up, Best Overall: Indique Tape Extensions

Rivera suggests these for anyone looking for some of the best quality extensions out there. “These Remy virgin hair extensions are a terrific choice because the hair used has cuticle layers facing the same direction from root to end. This ensures that the extensions behave exactly like your own hair, and can be washed, blow-dried, curled, flat ironed, colored, and even permed,” she says.

She also points out that they’re incredibly lightweight and supple, making for a full and voluminous effect.

Best In-Salon: Cinderella T-Hair Tape Extensions

Another one of Hardges’ picks, this is a great pro option for the salon. “The hair is thick and tangle-free, and consistently good every time,” she says. Also noteworthy is the unique type of tape they use, which sits perfectly on the scalp and can be removed quickly and easily.

Best Color Selection: Donna Bella Hair Tape-In Hair Extensions

Maybe you’re trying to match your hair color exactly, or maybe you’re looking for extensions in just a slightly different color to create faux highlights. Or maybe you want a crazy bold hue for a one-time event. Either way, you can find the color you need with this brand, a recommendation from Rivera who lauds both the selection and quality.

There are, wait for it, 60 different shades of tape-in extensions to choose from, ranging from natural blonde and brunette to funky green and purple. Plus, they’re all made of Remy hair and come with more pieces per package than many other brands offer.

Best Length Selection: VeSunny Tape In Hair Extensions

Generally speaking, most extensions come in three, four, maybe five different lengths. But these come in a whopping seven options, ranging from 12 inches all the way to 24 inches. This makes them choice for creating any and every kind of hair look, as well as those with shorter strands who are perhaps looking to add a little bit of length and fullness but in a super subtle way. Made of Remy hair, they can also be treated and styled as you would your own locks.

Best for Longevity: Bellami Tape In Extensions

The adhesive on these is a unique polyurethane tape that was developed and tested over three years—meant to deliver both secure applications, easy removal, and comfortable wear the entire time. The end result? Six to nine weeks of wear for each application, but up to a year's lifespan for each piece, perfect when you want to reuse your extensions. Each one also has double-sided tape so that you can sandwich the natural hair in between each weft—there’s also a single-sided tape option for finer hair. Not to mention that there are varying lengths and plenty of colors to choose from, too.

Best for Versatility: Satin Strands Premium 18-Inch Human Hair Extensions

This affordable option offers plenty of versatility; it can be used with any hair extension application, including tape, weaving, or clip-ins, making these a great pick for anyone who likes to change up how they use their extensions. Available in a few shades, each one is perfectly multi-dimensional to blend well with a variety of natural hair colors. And with a higher percentage of strands than may other 18-inch extension options, you also get uniform thickness and volume from top to bottom.

Best on Amazon: AmazingBeauty Tape In Hair Extensions

Made of 100% human Remy hair, these are an Amazon fan favorite. They consistently pull in five-star reviews, with shoppers raving about the quality and affordable price. They come five lengths ranging from 14 to 22 inches and 17 shades, though if none of those are doing it for you, you can also color them, though keep in mind that you can’t lift (AKA lighten) the color.

Hardges notes that in order to keep the look as natural as possible, stick with no more than 12 to 15 extension pieces throughout your hair; using more than that can make them look very obvious.

Final Verdict

Tape-in hair extensions offer a nice way to add both length and volume to your hair. The Glam Seamless Hair Extensions are the best option on the market, offering great options for varied length, texture, and shades, and available in easy to DIY single pieces. We also love Indique Tape-In Hair Extensions, because they're lightweight yet supple, and are super easy to apply.



Leigh Hardges is a stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago. A self-proclaimed product junkie, she has over 15 years of professional experience and has worked with many brands as an educator and stylist. She’s also a Black hair expert.
Gina Rivera is a hair artist and the CEO of Phenix Salon Suites, one of the fastest-growing salon companies in the beauty industry. She’s also the creator of her own line of styling products and infrared styling tools.

What to Look for in Tape-In Hair Extensions


According to Valles, these extensions, which are knotted onto a thin, mono-mesh weft base, will blend seamlessly with your scalp and offer natural-looking movement.

Rooted Skin Wefts

This is another feature that Valles says will help ensure the extensions blend in seamlessly with your natural hair.


How do you apply tape-in hair extensions?

Ideally, Valles recommends getting them professionally applied since it can be hard to do the back of your head. If you do want to DIY, she recommends starting by sectioning your hair into three big pieces—two on each side and one in the back. Take small pieces within the section and sandwich them in between the two parts of the extension, then flat iron over it for two seconds to get them to stay in place, she says. 

How long do tape-in hair extensions last?

Valles says about four to eight weeks, though some can then be reused for up to a year.

Are tape-in hair extensions safe for all hair types?

“For the most part, yes. They are one of the safer types of extensions,” says Valles.

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