Allure April 22, 2022



Upgrade your beauty sleep routine while saying "seeya" to bedhead and weird pillow creases on your skin.

Waking up with perfectly smooth skin and hair sounds like a myth reserved for the realm of fairytales or rom-coms. In real life, we typically roll out of bed with weird grooves etched across our faces and hair that's suspiciously less shiny than it was the night before, which is a clear indication that it might be time to invest in one of the best silk pillowcases on the market.

Happily, more and more beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands like Slip, Lunya, and Brooklinen are reimagining their product lines to develop pillowcases, made with mulberry silk (the highest quality available on the market) and specifically designed to target the biggest beauty concerns plaguing us at night, like fine lines and frizzy hair. 

Rex Jimieson, a hairstylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, previously told Allure that he recommends "a silk scarf around your hair at night or [using] a silk pillowcase to prevent friction on the hair." Friction, he noted, is one of the main reasons for "manual damage" that leads to split ends and breakage — especially for damaged and/or color-treated hair — down the road.

Dermatologists also back the potential benefits of silk pillowcases. "Night is the best time to repair skin, so it makes sense that so many innovations are happening right now in this field," says Rebecca Kazin, MD, board-certified dermatologist and Director of Clinical Research at Icon Dermatology and Aesthetics in North Bethesda, Maryland. "Since we spend up to one-third of each day asleep [Ed. note: if we're lucky], why not make the most of these hours?"

With that in mind, we rounded up some of the best silk pillowcases to help you get a feel for just how transformative it can be to swap out the old bedding you've been rewashing for years now. Well-rested skin, sleek hair, and better sleep await.

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MYK 100% Natural Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

This MYK pillowcase is made with 100-percent mulberry silk, which is one of the most durable, strongest varieties of silk in the world — not to mention the fact that it's hypoallergenic. The result? Healthy, bedhead-free hair for years to come. Plus, it comes in nine color options, ranging from basic black to beautiful baby pink.

P.S. MYK also has a dual-sided pillowcase that's topped with pure mulberry silk and is designed with a cotton underside. It's partly to keep the luxury of silken pillowcases within reach for savings-savvy customers, and partly to avoid sheet slippage as you settle in. Genius.

Slip Silk Pillowcase

Even if you've only gotten a few hours of shut-eye, this best-selling Slip Silk Pillowcase can help you fake a full eight hours every night. It also promises to help with wrinkles, bedhead, and sleep crease — and comes in almost a dozen colors.

Lunya Washable Silk Pillowcase

You (and your Instagram feed) are probably well aware of Lunya's silk pajamas. Perhaps they're even on your wishlist this year? Well, there's one more thing to add to cart: the brand's newly-launched silk pillowcases. They're made of the same washable fabric that makes Lunya so well-loved, and if you're looking to build a complete dream set, you can shop the brand's full bedding line. 

Bedsure Satin Pillowcase

Bedsure Satin Pillowcases have a whopping 218,000-plus reviews on Amazon, 73 percent of which are five-star reviews. And the price is super easy on your wallet since they're made of 100 percent polyester satin — and you get two pillowcases at that. If that doesn't convince you, the top reviewer says: "All I know is I shower and style my hair at night and after sleeping on these, my hair looks freshly blow-dried the next morning."

Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

This 100 percent mulberry silk pillowcase from Brooklinen is luxurious in all the right ways. It's naturally cool to the touch and helps keep both your hair and skin smooth. If you're in need of a self-care boost, pick yourself up a silk eye mask from the brand, too. Trust us, you'll always end up waking on the right side of the bed.

Casaluna Standard Solid Silk Pillowcase

Made with 100 percent silk, this Casaluna Standard Solid Silk Pillowcase is soft to the touch, and its lightweight feel won't weigh you — or your hair — down. The European-style closure successfully conceals the ends of the pillow (instead of leaving the sides of it wide open, like traditional US-style pillowcases) so that it looks tidy and stays in place through the night. Choose from eight colors, like this gorgeous, golden-toned Warm Brown hue (shown above).

Allied Home Silk Pillowcase & Eye Mask Beauty Bundle

This two-piece silk set from Allied Home features two essentials — a pillowcase and matching eye mask — to ensure a restful night of beauty sleep. Meanwhile, the fabric's subtle metallic sheen adds an extra-stylish touch. Sweet dreams await.

J Jimoo Natural Silk Pillowcase

Clocking in at just under $20 apiece, this J Jimoo Natural Silk Pillowcase is a steal. And, with nearly 20 colors to choose from, it's easy to find one to suit your personal style. The company also offers a 100-night money-back guarantee: If you're not satisfied with your purchase after 100 nights, simply contact the company for a full refund. If that's the type of motivation you need to invest in your sleep habits, here you go.

Kitsch Satin Pillowcase

One of our favorite hair accessories brands entered the hair-care game with a cute blush satin pillowcase designed with 100 percent satin polyester, so you can wave goodbye to annoying frizz-causing friction.

Casper Silk Pillowcase + Sleep Mask Set

Need the perfect gift for the sleep-deprived loved one in your life? Look no further than Casper's Silk Pillowcase and Sleep Mask Set. Bonus points if you know they're already (trying to) snooze on a cozy Casper mattress. 

Fishers Finery Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Silk fabrics are traditionally measured in momme, a unit that describes a the cloth's weight relative to its size. The silk pillowcases from Fishers Finery are all 25 millimeters, which is on the high end of what's considered ideal silk. Not surprising, considering they're crafted with long-strand mulberry silk sourced from Inner Mongolia, a destination whose history with the fabric stretches all the way back to the Silk Road.

Alaska Bear Natural Silk Pillowcase

Some silk pillowcases are so deliciously slippery that the pillow contained within them can slide right out at night, but not this hypoallergenic wonder. In addition to being cool and pleasant to the touch against both skin and hair, Alaska Bear Natural Silk Pillowcases are outfitted with a hidden zipper, to make sure everything stays put while you snooze.

Parachute Silk Pillowcase

Parachute is beloved for its line of ultra-soft linen sheets, so it was only a matter of time before the dreamy bedding brand launched a silkier offering. Ever the design-oriented, Parachute's 25-momme mulberry silk pillowcase sets itself apart with a hidden side flap for a tidier overall appearance.

ShopBedding Luxury Satin Pillowcase

Another affordable Amazon choice is the ShopBedding Luxury Satin Pillowcase. New York-based board-certified dermatologist Debra Jaliman, M.D., previously told Allure that skin creases that you get with regular pillowcases are "caused by the skin crunching against a pillowcase and breaking down collagen and elastic tissue," which over time and repetition causes wrinkles. Satin pillowcases reduce that "crunching" effect. This one comes in 26 colors and patterns, so stock up without breaking the bank.

Madison Park Silk 100% Mulberry Queen Pillowcase

This mulberry silk pillowcase from Sonoma Goods For Life is designed with durability in mind, especially since it's wrinkle-resistant. The hidden zipper, which keeps the pillow from slipping and sliding around as you toss and turn, adds a nice touch, while the dreamy champagne hue looks just as luxurious as it feels.

Gingerlily Silk Solid Pillowcase

Available in 10 colors and constructed with mulberry silk, Gingerlily's Silk Solid Pillowcase is an — ahem — solid choice. Also, keep in mind that silk has temperature-regulating properties to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter — making it a year-round staple. In other words, don't feel too bad about shelling out a cool $135 on these babies.

Night Clean Silk Pillowcase

If you're looking for a pillowcase made from all-natural, untreated silk fiber (specifically 100 percent eco-melange silk) and 18 amino acids (the same 18 your skin has and made out of a similar protein structure), Night's Clean Silk Pillowcase will definitely be your number-one eco-friendly pick. 

Blissy Pillowcase

The only drawback to silk pillowcases is that they're often only sold in the color white. Blissy's, on the other hand, are available in a whopping 31 colors to match your decor to a T. Shop everything from mauves to tie-dye to a Marilyn Monroe-inspired option.  

Go-To Skin Care Face Case Silk Pillowcase

Appropriately named Face Case, Go-To's pillowcase is made out of 100 percent mulberry silk and comes embellished with a stitched message, "Hi, cute face" — because we could always use a reminder, especially when we're struggling to get out of bed.

Hill House Sisi Silk Pillowcase

Named after the "famously long-haired Empress Elisabeth (Sisi) of Austria," Hill House's Sisi Silk Pillowcase is constructed with mulberry silk and a sophisticated piping design. And did we mention it comes in a trendy tie-dye? As well as seven other colors, if you want something more classic.

Iluminage Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase

Iluminage's polyester Beauty Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase is entwined with copper fibers, giving the material a slight golden glow, and your skin a major overnight boost. "Copper is an essential cofactor needed for skin health," explains Dr. Zeichner. "Our cells use copper to produce healthy collagen and elastin and to promote the production of skin-plumping hyaluronic acid." So this little number will not only brighten your boudoir but also your skin. Plus, if the price tag seems a little high, you should know that the company claims the technology will remain intact through 100 loads of laundry, as long as you skip the fabric softener and dryer sheets.