Glamour April 22, 2022



Copper Coin Hair Is the Most Natural Twist on Red 


It's the prettiest way to ease into the trend. 

It's no secret that red hair is having a moment—just ask Kendall Jenner, Sydney Sweeney, and Jennie Kim. And just in time for summer, “copper coin” hair is here for a subtle new twist on the shade. 

According to Lorena M. Valdes, a colorist at Maxine Salon in Chicago who coined—ha!—the shade name, copper coin is “the perfect way to incorporate shades of copper and caramel to create a natural dimensional look.”

We've seen many a take on bold, bright red as of late—from Gigi Hadid's bold Ariel shade to Jennie from Blackpink's bright peachy orange, but copper coin is a bit more subtle. It's rooted in a brown base, so it looks really natural, like you were blessed with copper strands—that also makes it a great way to transition to red without going full-on fire engine. 

“I highly recommend this shade for brunettes that love seeing warmth in their hair,” says Valdes. “From chestnut to caramels and coppers, it works so well and most don't depend on a gloss since color can be used to highlight. I would recommend a multicolored highlight to get different ribbons of colors from roots to ends for longevity and softer grow-out. It can also be done with balayage for thicker ribbons of color.”

If you're starting from a blonde shade, a gloss is your best bet when it comes to trying any shade of red. “I like glosses for everyone, but mostly for people who don’t want to, or aren’t quite ready to fully commit,” celebrity colorist and owner of New York's Jenna Perry Hair Studio, Jenna Perry tells Glamour. “Glosses are not permanent, there is no damage to the hair, and they add shine and depth. It’s also good for in-between coloring and for refreshes—it stretches the longevity.” A mix of brown and red glosses would be your best bet if it's copper coin hair you're after.