Seventeen September 14, 2022



51 Super Cute Fall 2022 Hair Color Trends That Will Make You Crave a PSL


Bring on the caramel highlights!

The back-to-school season kicks off just as pumpkin spice everything makes a comeback, marking the unofficial start of fall. Cozy layers, cooling temps, and Instagrammable foliage prove just how beautiful change can be. It's also the perfect inspo for a hair switch-up. With so many cool, fun hair color trends and hairstyles on the radar, you'll effortlessly slay your fall-themed Instagram selfies.

No matter how bright or dark you'd like to go on the color spectrum, there's a vibrant, autumn-tinted shade to meet your dye desires. Maxine Salon colorist Lorena M. Valdes and L'Oréal Global Ambassador and colorist Min Kim shared tips, tricks, and the best hair color trends with Seventeen, for you to rock this fall.

If you're considering coloring your hair at home, there are a few important things to remember. Valdes says you should always use gloves to protect your hands and clothes from staining and possible irritation. Once you've chosen which color you'll be using, the Chicago-based colorist suggests applying the color to one small section of your hair in a "strand test" to "prevent any unwanted color" or "reactions" that could be triggered by the dye. Most fall hair color trends can be achieved at home, but Valdes recommends leaving highlights and balayage processes to an expert.

Whether you leave it up to a pro or tap into your inner DIY queen, it's important to give your hair extra TLC after your color dreams are achieved. Kim advises using a color-treatment shampoo like L'Oréal's Professional Metal Detox Shampoo to prevent drying and other damage that may lead to breakage. Keeping hair nourished and hydrated helps preserve hair health, so Kim suggests following up with a deep conditioning treatment to double down on moisture. "The more you can protect the cuticle layer of the hair," she says, "the better."

Are you in the mood for a seasonal color swap but can't make up your mind on which hue you should slay next? Check this list of stylist-approved hair color trends everyone will be obsessed with this fall.

Carnelian Copper

This beautiful auburn hue with a copper cast is having the ultimate moment this fall. According to Valdes, this shade can be used as an "all over color, highlights or balayage" depending on your desired vibrancy.

Smoked Chestnut

Rich brown hues are a hit in the fall. Valdes recommends using a clear gloss after you've achieved your new autumn hair color to leave a shiny, glass-hair finish.

Pearl Blonde

This icy hue has taken over with everyone from A-listers like Kim Kardashian to characters from television series like House of The Dragon rocking pearl blonde. According to Kim, achieving pearl blonde requires pre-color prep, like "deep conditioning," and "at-home maintenance," like using a heat protectant and sleeping on silk or satin materials to preserve your new hair color.


Add the perfect pop of color with magenta. This purple-meets-pink hybrid has received Joey King and Megan Fox's stamp of approval. If you don't want to take the full commitment of dying your whole head pink, you can add in pops of pastel with lowlights or clip-in extensions.

Pumpkin Spice Bronde

Zendaya, Khloé Kardashian, and Sofie Richie have all been bitten by the pumpkin spice bronde bug. Inspired by autumnal tones and fall themes, butter, honey, shadows, warm light, caramel, copper, and pumpkin hues are often used as the perfect autumn-time highlights. According to Kim, they "compliment not only the season, but fashion and makeup trends" and, ofc, everyone's fave pumpkin spice lattes.


There's no denying that copper is one of fall's undisputed hair color staples. According to Kim, the right copper hue enhances your skin's undertones. An ultra-inclusive shade, copper can be slayed across various skin complexions as you can "add dimension" with high-shining gold tints or go deeper with more dark red tones.

Black Coffee

Subtle brown highlights steal the show when paired with all-black tresses.

Glossy Chocolate

A brilliant, glossy finish can add the finishing touch to a classic fall hair hue.

All Black

I can't decide what I'm more excited about. Halsey's cropped pixie cut or their vibrant all-black hair color? Either way, I'm obsessed.

Blonde With Natural Roots

Have mercy! Natural roots peaking through blonde locs were once a hair faux pas, but now it's a bold, beauty staple. Just ask Chloe Bailey.

Copper Highlights

Warm chocolatey brown tresses paired with subtle cooper red accents are the ultimate sign of fall.

Chocolate Hazelnut

Dark roots are often at the top of autumntime hair inspo lists. Add warm dimension to the go-to look with hazelnut hues.

Natural Brown

Keep it cute and casual with a natural-looking brown hue.

Reverse Highlight

If you're not ready to let completely let go of bright, bold shades, try out reverse highlights. You can darken things up top and keep these vibrant in a small section down below.

Blond Bombshell

Can't choose between one shade of blonde? This look rocked by TikTok fan fave Addison Rae is the perfect combination of multiple blonde hues.

Ash Brown

Fall is the optimal time to try out darker locs. Ash brown colored tresses, like the ones styled by KeKe Palmer in this fabulous cry 'fro, serve major volume and body.


Move over, pumpkin spice, there's a new coffee-flavored hue making waves this fall.

Half & Half

Torn between choosing two hues? Use them both, like R&B singer Kehlani. The silver patch paired with bold jet black delivers the best of both worlds.


If you're looking to spice things up this fall, then ginger's the perfect shade. Warm and full of life, ginger hair just screams autumn equinox.

Outgrown Balayage

I know there are endless Pinterest cliches telling you to go darker for fall, but I'm just sayin' a few highlights never hurt anyone. Bring some light color through the bottom of your hair, but keep your roots natural.


Hints of orange worked into dark bronze hair give your whole look a little extra GLOW.

Chocolate Fade

Elevate your go-to brunette hue by going just a few shades darker towards your roots. It'll offer super subtle dimensions, as seen in this stunning shot of Shay Mitchell.

Chunky Highlights

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This throwback fave serves all of the '90s supermodel vibes. Wear your hair in a pony with face-framing tendrils to really lean into it.

Ash Blonde

If you haven't noticed, gray hair is in. Ash blonde is hair that's primarily shaded blonde but tinted with cool undertones of gray. The frosted look is versatile enough to take you into the colder weather while complementing all of your fall outfits.

Jet Black

If you're going for something bolder, then try black. Black pairs well with everything. You'll make a statement regardless of what you're wearing or how you style your hair.

Caramel Highlights

This upcoming fall trend is an easy way to give your hair the appearance of more volume and gloss. Caramel highlights will add dimension while brightening up your look with a warm glow, no matter what your current hair color is.

Gray Green

If your blonde hair has ever turned green from exposure to chemicals in the pool, then you know what a headache that can be. Good news, though. What might have been an accidental dye job nightmare is now a hot hair trend. Green undertones, especially on gray hair, are in. The ashy shades will give you stylish, but effortless vibes.

Darker Roots

Don't worry about your natural hair growing into your dye job because dark roots are officially in.

Jewel Tones

Even candyfloss babes can revamp their hair game for fall. Swap your pastel dye job for luxe tones of sapphire, burgundy, and plum.

Warm Roots

Don't worry, you won't have to ditch your blonde 'do completely. Just hit your roots with a dose of bronde to make your bleached look feel fall-ready.

Rose Gold

This festival fave looks just as hot apple picking as it does in the Coachella desert. Subtle rose-gold hints perfectly complement light brown hair, so instead of doing an all-over dye, try some subtle highlights.

Burnt Cinnamon

Your go-to latte is the inspo for this swirling combo of rich tones. Layer shades of cinnamon, coffee, and milk for an autumn 'do like Jordyn's.


STEP. AWAY. FROM. THE. TONER. White-blonde strands are great for summer but are just a little *too* extra for fall. Warm up your look like Dove Cameron with just a hint of orange.

Cherry Red

If my lipstick drawer has taught me anything it's that you can't go wrong with a sexy shade of red. A bold, deep crimson shade screams 'badass' on your lips or your hair.


This hipster fave seems like it would be summer-only, but dark roots make the futuristic color feel more fall. If you're into this look, go a shade darker than Kim's icy look.