Glamour June 4, 2022



The Best Summer Haircuts to Try Now 


The weather is finally getting hotter, so before you pack your beach bag and sip frozen margs, it’s time to check out the best new summer haircuts. Summer is always a great time for a hair switch-up, but especially after the past two years, we could all use a fresh start. What better way than shedding some dead weight?

Drew Schaefering, an expert stylist at Brooklyn’s Rob Peetoom salon, says his clients have been feeling the same way. “One of the things that summer brings—aside from longer days, sunsets, and social gatherings—is a sense of change,” he explains. “Our hair behaves differently with heat and humidity changing, so many of us alter our approach and adapt. I have been cutting a lot of length with several clients opting for a more lightweight and free look.” 

Lightweight and free is exactly how we want to be until Labor Day rolls around. We spoke to Schaefering and other top stylists for all the insight on the coolest summer haircuts to try this year. From minimalist hair to breezy bangs, read on for all the inspo you could hope for.

Long Shag 

Consider this cut the natural evolution of the shag that was everywhere two years ago. Schaefering notes that his younger clients in particular are into this style, since they want to keep their length but love the shorter layers around their face. “Curly hair, straight—it works pretty much for everyone with a bit of adjusting, and it removes excess weight and hair,” he says. “It gives a very playful and fun energy.” When discussing with your stylist, Schaefering  says, first determine if you’re comfortable with bangs. “If not, identify the shortest pieces around your face and build from there. Most of the hair will be directed forward and cut from short to long, ending at your length. This haircut can be an inspiration and build from, allowing it to be as aggressive with the layering as you want, or more subtle.”

’90s Layers 

Finding inspiration from the past is always a major trend. One of celebrity hairstylist Mark Townsend’s favorite looks this year is a modernization of the ’90s shag. “I love the versatility of the layers in this look,” he says. “You can do it on a middle part, but I also think it would look great on a deep side part because it throws the layers off slightly, giving your hair a lot of movement. It’s also a hairstyle that works great on all hair types.” To get the cut, he says to ask for face-framing layers starting about two inches below your chin. 

Medium Chop 

If you’ve been dealing with scraggly ends, botched color jobs, or just generally blah hair, this is for you. “This length looks so chic and can help fine hair appear thicker when cut with a blunt line,” says hairstylist and salon owner Alex Brown. “Ask for a one-length cut just above your bust line.” 

Length and Layers 

As we get into summer, Brown says to expect lots of long hair with long, breezy layers. “I’m loving natural-looking waves with long layers around the face that add movement, and you can even add cute baby braids,” she says. To get the look, “ask your stylist for face-framing layers starting below the chin.”

One-Length Bob 

“This cut is timeless and classic,” says Schaefering. “I think everybody can wear a version of this haircut in some length and shape. I’m cutting many strong one-length bobs that land around the jawline, give or take.” He says to discuss exactly where your bob will fall with your stylist, as the most flattering length will depend on your face shape and hair texture. “A significant benefit of shorter bobs is that the hair gets off your neck and allows more wind to keep you cool during the hot months,” he adds. “On the longer side, the lob still allows for the chic shape with the option to tie your hair back, achieving a similar result.”

Rounded Layers 

Retro-inspired cuts and soft fluffy layers have taken over TikTok, and according to Schaefering, they aren’t going anywhere. “The goal is to create a rounded layering pattern that gives volume to the hair from top to bottom,” he says. “Depending on how short the layers go, it can embrace a more retro feel with the effects of the hair having more life and bounce to it.” He adds that this is also a great cut for curls, especially if you tend to air-dry during the summer. “This is an excellent haircut for curls, air-drying, or blown-out locks, as it removes weight throughout the haircut without it becoming wimpy at the baseline.” To get the look, “ask your stylist if your hair can work with a heavily layered haircut,” he says. “Certain hair types work better than others with this. Depending on your styling routine and desires, a similar result can probably be achieved with a less-is-more approach. The shortest layer should be along your part and follow a rounded layering pattern extending to your length.”

Micro Bangs 

From Bella Hadid to Lily Collins, celebrities are embracing baby bangs once again. L.A. hairstylist Tim Dueñas has also seen an increase in the style. “This short statement fringe typically follows the hairline temple to temple, to create a dramatic, short, open feel,” he says. “These bangs work great for petite features to open up your face.” Dueñas recommends asking your stylist to shape the fringe to fit your face. “I also suggest playing with the texture. These tend to work the greatest when they are a little more imperfect.” 

Minimalist Hair 

If you have fine hair, less is more, which is where the minimalist hair trend comes in. Minimalist hair combines unstructured edges with a head-hugging silhouette to create an understated yet elegant look. “This trend is all about loose, unstructured hair with thinner, textured ends and a sleek, less-is-more finish,” says Tom Smith, celebrity hair colorist and creative director at Evo hair. “This style works best with a sharp parting and subtle, fine woven high- or lowlights.” To achieve this style, Smith says, “ask your stylist to dust your ends without making them blunt, and softly layer just enough to create movement without showing obvious different lengths in the hair.” To style, prep your hair with a nourishing but lightweight serum, and “air-dry with both sides tucked behind your ears to set in a kink around your face.”

3D Curls 

3D curls aren’t a particular cut but rather a trending mindset, says Smith: “3D curls are all about embracing the multidimensional beauty of curly hair.” Work with your hair instead of fighting it. To make curls pop and look as dimensional as possible—hence the 3D moniker—Smith recommends a specific technique. “Using a strong-hold gel or balm to define the curls will initially create a crunchy ‘cast,’ but this should be encouraged and left alone until the hair is 100% dry,” he says. “You then ‘break the cast’ of the curls by gently massaging—never run your fingers through the curls or be tempted to brush them. And 3D curls look best when they are glossy and shiny, so choose products that have a moisturizing factor as well as strong holding ability, and consider finishing with a shine spray or gently scrunching through a few drops of shine serum. Remember, curly hair can handle much more product than straight-hair types, so don’t be afraid to load up the product to give definition and shine.”

Long Layers 

Want a fresh look but love your length? Long, soft layers are what you’re looking for. “I love long layers to add a little interest to clients’ beloved long hair,” says Jenna Spino, a stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago. “It gets rid of the flat triangular shape, adding texture and volume without having to get rid of any length. It brings dull-looking long hair back to life.” Spino suggests you ask your stylist to keep your length but add some layers, and point out where you want the shortest layer to hit as a jumping-off point.  

Blunt Bob

“The blunt bob is for the girls who love to do a big summer chop,” says Spino. “This cut is timeless and very easy to manage at home. It’s extremely versatile—it can be air-dried messy for a day at the beach or styled smooth for a chic night out.” To get the look, she says to be specific with two things: where the cut falls, and telling your stylist you want a blunt look with zero layers. 

Wispy Bangs 

If you want something that adds more of a style to your hair without having to actually style it, Brown says this is the cut for you. “This is a superchic yet effortless look,” she says. “Clients can have the ‘off-duty model’ look with minimal styling.” She says to ask for wispy longer bangs that hit right below your brows, so you can wear them down or push them off to the side. She likes to pair bangs with a mid-length cut that should hit about two or three inches below your collar bone. 

Curly Layers 

“Curls are having a major moment,” says celebrity hairstylist and curl expert Cynthia Alvarez. “Curls come in many different lengths and styles, and I love seeing everyone’s unique texture.” To make your curls really pop, she recommends asking your stylist for both internal and external layers, which will help create shape and make your hair less bulky. When it comes to styling, layer a heat protectant and a conditioning product (she likes Biolage All-in-One Multi-Benefit Spray for and Biolage Curl Defining Elixir) and dry with a diffuser, making sure not to touch your curls until they’re completely dry. 

Mid-Length Cut

Spino compares this cut to spring cleaning for your hair. It's perfect for getting rid of any dead ends, and feels so bouncy and healthy. “It can be styled many different ways and is easy to take care of,” she says. This is an easy one to ask for; just show your stylist where you want your length to be—Spino recommends somewhere between your collarbone and chest. 

Long Hair With Curtain Bangs 

Brown says her clients have been loving longer lengths paired with swishy curtain bangs. “It’s fresh for summer, and it’s easy to style and maintain,” she says. “It can switch up your overall cut without having to take inches off of your length. Ask your stylist for a long curtain bang that hits right at your cheekbone.”

Long and Sleek

If you still haven’t been able to make it to the salon, fear not—celebrity hairstylist Aviva Perea says crazy-long hair is trending hard. “I have seen so many people with hair longer than they normally wear it,” she says. “I also think that it will be all about long and straight, and sleek and shiny. There’s a little bit of skill that comes with using a curling iron, but most people are able to glide a flatiron down their hair.” The key to making length look healthy, not scraggly, is asking your stylist for a blunt-bottom cut with barely there long layers. Then there are a few steps to getting that super-sleek look at home. “Straight out of the shower, you want to add a serum when your hair is still super wet—that way it’ll lock in moisture and keep your hair smooth,” says Perea. “I love the Extra Strength Serum from John Frieda. It has bamboo extract, which helps my hair stay hydrated while also minimizing frizz.”

Birkin Bangs 

Townsend is a huge fan of incorporating bangs into your look (after all, he’s the man responsible for Dakota Johnson’s iconic fringe). He obviously likes a straight-across style but knows that’s not everyone’s style. “First and foremost, lean on your stylist to determine what kind of bangs work best for your face shape,” he says. He recommends keeping a dry shampoo like Dove’s Invisible Dry Shampoo on hand to keep your bangs from getting too oily. For the freshest look, keep your length, but add some layers for movement. “Ask for face-framing layers that start at the chin and connect all the way around,” he says. “When it comes to the ends of your hair, if not styled correctly, they can look very thin—especially on long hair, so I recommend keeping it very blunt.” 

Close Crop 

Looking to make a major change? “I’m loving seeing natural hair being cropped shorter with a slight barber finish and feel,” says celebrity hairstylist David Lopez. “It feels celebratory and cool, and people of all ages can wear it.”

Modern Diana 

If Spencer had you thinking about a Diana-inspired chop, you’re not alone. Ryan Trygstad, celebrity hairstylist and cofounder of New York’s Mark Ryan Salon, says he’s been giving his clients a modern take on the princess’s iconic haircut. “It’s such a fresh look, and exudes confidence and style,” he says. “The cut itself is a mixture of a very short layered bob edging toward a pixie.” 

Shoulder-Length Bob

“This cut is perfect for the summer heat, keeping hair off your face and shoulders,” says Brown. “Ask your stylist for a blunt, one-length bob that sits just above the shoulders. Have them take our weight on the ends to add subtle texture.”

Bold Bangs 

If you’re not into a major change but want to add a little something, consider a set of bangs. “Bangs work with so many styles, but especially the current trends of long layers and shags,” says celebrity hairstylist Adam Campbell. “You can have more of the eyelash-grazing lengths or more of the grown-out curtain bang highlighting your cheekbones.” To make sure you’re happy with the look, he suggests chatting with your stylist both about the overall look you want, as well as how much upkeep you’re willing to put in. “The sexy eye-grazing bangs are a little more maintenance, needing trimming between haircuts to maintain the look,” he says. “Most stylists will offer a complimentary bang trim for their clients between haircuts. Longer curtain bangs are less maintenance as they grow because they are able to be pushed to the side or incorporated into the layers of rest of your haircut. Always ask your stylist how often you should be back to keep your fringe sexy and fresh.”

Choppy Bob

Townsend is loving bobs, since they’re super versatile and effortless. “A typical bob look is all one length at the bottom, but if you’re someone looking for an edgier bob, you should ask for choppy layers,” he says. “To maintain texture within your bob, I recommend using Dove Style + Care Curls Defining Mousse. Apply some in your hand to create a lotion, then rake it through your hair. It will give you a nice textured look without it getting crunchy.”

Disco Glam

“I love this haircut because it’s retro, fun, and sexy all at the same time,” says Alvarez. “It has both volume and movement.” To style, apply volumizing products like Biolage Whipped Volume Mousse to your roots, blow-dry using a round brush, then use Velcro rollers or hot rollers to set.”