Glamour August 4, 2022



The Loaded TopKnot Is the Chicest Bob Updo 


Spotted on Kaia Gerber, J.Lo, and Margot Robbie. 

Beauty trends may come and go, but a bob’s serve is forever.

Bob hairstyles have gone viral this year—see the scandi, bottleneck, and Boticelli bobs, to name a few—and there’s no sign of short-hair fever slowing down anytime soon. That said, bob enthusiasts are seeking new and creative ways to style their cuts in updos, such as the adorably elegant “loaded topknot.”

The new-and-improved bob bun—which is an elevated take on the man bun, messy topknot, and textured twist—provides the perfect look to beat the heat when you have shorter hair. The look ensures that the top half off your sweaty strands stays off the neck and face, allowing you to keep your cool, but still flaunt your bob’s blunt ends since the rest is worn down. And the best part? Of all the bob hairstyles, it’s especially low-maintenance, and very easy to DIY.

“The beauty of this look is in its effortlessness, as it’s super easy to create yet still manages to look chic,” Cliphair trends writer Brenda Lee Intignano tells Glamour, defining the look as a younger, peppier cousin of the messy bun. As for who’s inspiring the trend? Intignano points to Kaia Gerber and Margot Robbie as bob updo pioneers, though Jennifer Lopez and Hailey Bieber have sported the style as well. In fact, they’ve worn it on the New York Fashion Week runway and to film premieres and galas, so clearly the loaded topknot is A-list-approved.

“This look is really great for anyone who wants to wear their hair down, but also add height to their overall style,”  says Clint Wilson, cofounder and hairstylist at Salon SCK in NYC, who notes you shouldn’t fret too much when it comes to styling: “It’s supposed to look easy and chill.”

Jennifer Lopez, Margot Robbie, and Hailey Bieber have all rocked the loaded topknot.

To create your own loaded topknot, start with dry hair that has some texture to it–use texturizing spray, or blow-dry your hair using a diffuser. Once prepped, pull the hair surrounding your face (or as much as you want tied up) toward the back of your head. Using this hair, create a high ponytail, and secure it with a strong elastic. “Remember to leave all of the hair from the back of your head down, and out of the pony,” Wilson reiterates.

Now that your high ponytail is complete, twist and/or tie it into a bun, and secure the sides with pins. If you want more of a messy vibe, pull the bun apart in different directions, says Wilson. Either way, be sure to finish with hairspray to ensure your topknot stays in place.

For another spin on the trend, Wilson suggests “loading” your hair into space buns: “Instead of creating one knot, create two,” he says. Simply follow the same process as above, but one on each side of the head, for a more Y2K-inspired aesthetic.

For a more elegant take on the look, Maxine Salon hairstylist Raven Hurtado suggests incorporating a braid. To do so, simply construct a braid in the middle of your head, and secure it with an elastic. Wrap the braid around into a topknot, and fluff out the ends of the braid for additional volume at the end, Hurtado suggests.

Once your bun is formed, pull and stretch it out to to make it appear fuller, and finish with texturizing spray.

Finally, Wilson suggests one final fierce touch: accessorizing your topknot with statement hairpins and clips. “I love the Signature DP Pins from Deborah Pagani,” he says. “Her sleek pins come in different metallic colors, bright lilac and fuchsia, and some are even pearl dipped.”

Start loading your topknot today, and shop the essentials below.