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The Sliced Bob Is Summer's Hottest Haircut


Time to make the chop.

Out of all the haircuts that exist in the style glossary, there’s one that truly stands the test of time: the bob. The short and sleek hairstyle has been around since at least the 1920s (though potentially even earlier than that) and has remained a top trend ever since. Within its reign, there have been different iterations of the cut — the lob, the blunt bob, and the asymmetrical version, to name a few examples. Lately, this season’s take on the ‘do brings yet another chic way to rock it: Meet the sliced bob, coming soon to a cool girl’s head near you.

Of course, this version still features everything you know and love about the classic bob — a cut Tatum Neill, hairstylist and artistic director of Aveda Arts & Sciences Institutes, says is timeless. “It’s a go-to cut for a big change with a low risk,” he tells Bustle. “It evokes a playful youth in those who wear the style, and this summer is all about tapping into our playful selves.” According to Jenna Spino, stylist at Maxine Salon, the sliced cut is the “cool girl” bob. “It’s a very trendy but low maintenance style, and it’s easy to style at home,” she says.

As for why it’s called a “sliced” bob? That’s a nod to the method stylists use while cutting. “Slicing is a texturizing technique that breaks up solid shapes,” Spino explains. “It removes weight, creating movement and texture.” Translation? It looks really cool.

Tempted to try the cool-girl bob yourself? Read on for everything to know about the chicly sliced ‘do.

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What Is The Sliced Bob?

Simply put, the sliced bob is a slimmed-down yet texturized version of the standard bob. “It uses a slicing technique with the scissors to take out weight from the style without adding layers,” Amy Abramite, creative director and stylist at Maxine Salon, tells Bustle. This is ideal, she adds, as more blunt cuts tend to look “heavier,” near the design ends. Slicing helps to taper the shape for a more slender and sleek appearance (so no lampshade hair). According to Abramite, this is accomplished when stylists pinch the hair with their fingers and slide scissors’ blades towards the ends.

You’ve likely already seen a fair share of celebs sporting the style, too. Kourtney Kardashian’s famous chop, for one, has since been styled into a sliced bob, while Addison Rae, Kaia Gerber, and Kerry Washington have also been spotted rocking the ‘do.

The cool thing about the cut is that it can work well on all hair types and textures, though there are some that may wear it with more styling ease than others. “It should have a carefree energy, and will work best with medium density and straight to wavy hair,” Neill tells Bustle. That said, he adds that if you have some basic blowdrying and/or flatiron skills — and a little extra time — this look can be worn regardless of your hair texture.

According to Abramite, the sliced bob may be particularly appealing to those with thick hair since it’s so lightweight. “Whether the hair texture is straight or curly and thicker hair will benefit from slicing out bulk toward the bottom of the haircut.”

What To Ask For At The Salon

So you’ve decided you want to slice your hair into the bob. Here’s what to do: “Ask your stylist for a blunt bob with bulk removed near the bottom of the style,” says Abramite. “Be specific in requesting the design line stay strong-looking with a tapered effect, rather than notched ends.” Notching and slicing are not the same thing, she adds — notching cuts up into the bottom of the hair, making it look choppy.

Spino says you could also tell your stylist you want texture without layers and for your cut to be blunt on the bottom. She also suggests bringing example photos and figuring out your length ahead of time.

Lastly, if you have thicker hair, Neill says to tell your stylist the cut is not meant to have shorter layers on top. “It should read like one length,” he tells Bustle. “To achieve that, the hairdresser will have to be proficient at concealing weight through clever slicing, or perhaps some well-executed hair cutting magic.” So be sure to find a stylist who knows how to slice.

How To Style A Sliced Bob

Air Dry

The sliced bob is extremely versatile and can be worn however you want, says Neill, who suggests playing with different parts. It also fares well for air drying since the resulting messy effect makes it look like you let it dry out of the ocean, he tells Bustle.

Blow Dry With A Round Brush

According to Abramite, the sliced bob’s blunt outline makes it easy to style since it has a one-length shape. What’s more, its lack of layers makes a smooth blowout especially easy to achieve. “Use a heat protecting spray or serum and a large round brush [to blow dry],” she suggests. “This will smooth the hair texture and turn the ends under for a sleek and tapered bob.” Not into blowdrying? Use a hot air brush instead, says Spino.

Finish With Spray & Add Accessories

Once you’ve blown your hair dry, Spino suggests using a texturizing or volumizing spray to complete the look. “Lift up your hair and spray the mids-ends to show off the movement,” she says. Neill also encourages having fun with the sliced bob. “Don’t be afraid to try some fun clips and hair accessories to adorn it.”