Glamour December 27, 2022



Long Hair Haircuts That Will Instantly Elevate Your Style


Layers, anyone?

Long hair haircuts are having a moment and with major inches comes plenty of options for styling your hair. Whether you’re looking for a TikTok-approved cut or a more classic look with light layers, it's important to have a good understanding of what you want your hairstyle to look like—not to mention getting stocked up on the best products for straight hair. Straight hair may seem limiting, but there are plenty of things you can do to change your look without losing your length, such as adding bilevel layers and playing around with bangs.

Dhiran Mistry, owner of luxury hair salon The Carriage House, says he tries to stay away from trends, but for long hair styles currently receiving all the buzz, he sees a lot of face-framing wispy pieces and short or long bangs. Essentially, anything that allows hair to peak out while it’s tied back. “It seems to be quite a common thing that people with long hair do,” he tells Glamour.

Need some inspiration? Ahead, we asked the experts about their favorite long hair haircuts to get right now. Keep scrolling and get ready to screenshot.

'90s Layers

“Think super layered styles with a lot of volume,” says Nunzio Saviano, owner of Nunzio Saviano Salon. The subtle layers are what makes this hairstyle an amazing look for any hair length, but especially longer hair. Think Jennifer Aniston in Friends, Alicia Silverstone in Clueless, and Cindy Crawford.

Octopus Haircut

The octopus haircut became popular thanks to TikTok, Saviano shares. It’s a stylish evolution of the shag and mullet, creating a silhouette of an octopus’ tentacles. The layered cut looks great on longer hair, adding texture and shape to your strands.

Ask your stylist for shorter layers with shaping around the face. You’ll want to get some weight off of your hair as well, especially if your hair is on the thicker side, to fully get the effect.

Butterfly Haircut

Another style full of layers, the butterfly haircut is meant to emulate the shape of a butterfly’s wing. The fun thing about this style is, depending on your hair type and desires, you can get a variation of different levels of volume.

“The short layers on top are blended through to longer layers on the bottom, and the shorter layers fall at or below the chin and the longer layers fall just past the shoulders,” says Maxine Salon hairstylist Jenna Spino.

Bombshell Blowout with Soft Layers

Rugetti recommends a volumized bombshell blowout with soft layers if you’re looking to make a statement. To create a fuller appearance, use extensions to get even more volume. Velcro rollers are ideal for getting that bouncy '90s supermodel effect.

Soft layers aren't as dramatic as some of the more choppy layers that are trending, which could be a good starting point if you want a cut that's a bit more subtle.

Blunt Bangs

“I love a blunt bang for a more dramatic look,” celebrity hairstylist Laura Rugetti shares. Brianna Dunning, co-founder of Unsubscribe  agrees, adding that those who have very long hair (we’re talking almost touching your butt long) can add some fringe to switch up their look.

Face-Framing Layers

“This look adds a ton of body and movement to the hair and can be worn with bangs or no bangs,” Saviano explains. Similar to the butterfly and octopus haircuts, there are layers and a lot of volume to a face-framing layered cut.

Dunning says that this style is good for people with finer hair who still want to maintain heaviness at the bottom. “They are also good for people with heavy density who want to feel like they have much less hair without losing length,” she says.